June is turning into my “Seaside Month“, with GBG ticks from Thanet to Ayr.  Ayr could do with Thanet’s micro pubs, I can tell you.

Next stop, dangerously close to Beachy Head, is mysterious Seaford.


Mysterious in that I couldn’t remember ever going there, having clearly confused it with Littlehampton, world centre of mobility scooters.

Seaford isn’t posh either, but has some top art installations along its pebbled beach.  This one is called “Madonna and Botham“.


Art. Probably

And this one is “Spellin’ aint what it was“.  Off you go, Russ.


Poetry, innit

Walking along the coast reminds me of the finer points of Bill Bryson’s “Notes from a Small Island“, gentlefolk asleep in their cars, pointed out toward Dieppe (why ?), and groups of old dears saying “Are you sure you’re going to be warm enough ?” as the temperature tops 26.

The cliffs are majestic though, and a bit scary; I stumble on a group of Indian students filming themselves dangerously close to the sign that says “Beware – crumbling rocks. Don’t sue us“.

The town is safer but uninspiring, which suits me.  So does the new entry, the Old Boot, which is notable for having TOO MANY BEERS, which means the Harvey’s is fine but dull (NBSS 3).


My photos won’t load, so picture if you will a vaguely sea-themed rambling pub-diner, with musical flourishes and Old Boys staring into the street full of charity shops. Works for me.

The oil painting of rock legends has you stumped, anyway.  I thought Anderson and Hendrix were straight forward, but who’s the lady (is she ?).


For half a point each, name them







  1. Seaford. A place I’ve travelled through twice, but never stopped – not even for a pint. “Who lives here?”, I’ve wondered. The obvious need to commute aside, it seems a good place to live, even if the Boot will never draw crowds from out of town, exept tickers that is.


      1. You can’t travel through it; not by train, that is! Sat on the pebble beach there, as a fourteen year old, eating my sandwiches, whilst Youth-Hosteling. Never felt the urge to return either!

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      2. Ah, yes, Lewes. Proper pubs and plenty of Harveys.
        I was last there nine years ago during a very long day starting with a Smithfield breakfast and also including Brighton before arriving in Eastbourne for the night.

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      3. Lewes is great. Strangely, the Boot in Seaford apparently has the same owners as the Gardener in Lewes – two pubs that seem to have nothing in common.


      4. Yes, the Gardeners Arms was one of the Lewes pubs I used nine years ago, the other two being the John Harvey Tavern and the Lewes Arms.
        This topic reminded me that I still have several 2001 bottles of Harvey’s Imperial Extra double Stout so I found the corkscrew and have just enjoyed one.
        In London next weekend I hope to find time for their Royal Oak in Tabard Street.

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      5. Paul,
        I’ve not known of a Youth Hostel at Seaford.
        Were you staying at Alfriston YH which closed three years ago ?


      6. All being well I shall be in the Royal Oak, Tabard Street during Friday lunchtime and could be there all weekend if they did accommodation and there weren’t quite a few other London pubs worth a visit.

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      7. I think a fortnight.
        That was in Jennings’s Woolpack Inn a long time ago when I was on a two week course in Carlisle.
        Bed and breakfast there was £8.50 a night but my employer, with more money than it properly knew what to do with, paid everyone £30 a night so I wasn’t short of beer money.

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      1. Far too frantic for Enya. How about Maggie Bell, from Stone the Crows, or Elkie Brooks from her time with Vinegar Joe? Right era for both.


  2. “This one is called “Madonna and Botham“.”

    I read that as ‘Madonna’s bottom’. 🙂

    “Off you go, Russ.”

    Pfft. I’ve mentioned before; art is allowed poetic license. 😉

    “gentlefolk asleep in their cars, pointed out toward Dieppe (why ?),”

    We get that here at one of the places my wife and I go for a walk. Folks just sitting in their cars looking at the water (or maybe Quadra Island, not sure).

    “and Old Boys staring into the street full of charity shops. ”

    See? Even if you can’t get to the seaside folks will still stare off into the distance. 🙂

    “For half a point each, name them”

    Hendrix and Anderson are easy as you said. The girl? My wild guess would be Joplin.



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