Ah, found the rest of my Seaford photo cache.

Some more dramatic coastline, actually only a few minutes from the Golden Galleon at Exceat Bridge.

But more dramatic than that was the realisation, as I passed the Wellington, that I’d been there before.

And had no recollection of it at all. But there it was in my GBG, crossed out with pink marker and with two retiredmartin ticks.

It was packed with drinkers at 4pm on a sweltering Tuesday.

Proper Pub

And had tables named after places, rather than Chumley-warner or Everitt.

But most strikingly of all, it had an electronic beer board, detailing the microbrew exotica (for east Sussex). I had to check my Google map to make sure I wasn’t in the Wellington in Brum a fortnight early.

Yes, a drinkers pub, in fact a tickers pub, judging by the jovial gent taking copious notes and downing halves at the bar (top).

Nothing wrong with tickers, of course, as long as their pop bottles don’t leak while I’m standing at the bar.

And as long as the pub can sell the beers quickly enough. Which judging by the quality of the Long Man, it could (NBSS 4).

A bustling boozer, scoring extra Mudgie points by playing Toto’s Africa for the benefit of beer tickers and pub tickers everywhere.

And with enough WiFi to allow me to trace my earlier visit back to the Olympics of 2012, where I watched the Brownlow Bros win some running race before stuffing my face on cod and chips on the pebbled beach.

Ah, memories. If only I had them.

27 thoughts on “THE SEAFORD TICKERS

      1. Ah, yes, rebuilding Stafford Castle, that’s how I could spend my retirement.
        I lived that side of town from 1973 to 1979.
        Ridiculously much of Stafford Castle was demolished in 1960 with it being thought to be dangerous as a child had fallen off it and died, then many years later it was recognised as being properly old and not just an early nineteenth century folly.


      1. There’s a Sam Smith’s pub in Hale called the Cheshire Midland – but that takes its name from a 19th century railway company.


  1. As you say Seaford is understated seaside town with a nice vibe. The views from Seaford Head towards the Seven Sisters and the Cuckmere Valley are one of the classics. Is there still a local history museum in the Martello Tower?


  2. “And had tables named after places, ”

    Is that so you can tell them where to bring the food or simply more drinks?

    “Yes, a drinkers pub, in fact a tickers pub, ”

    Drinkers and tickers pretty much go together don’t they?

    “Ah, memories. If only I had them.”

    You have them. The trick is to find out where you stored them brain-wise for recollection. 😉



    1. Oh no, drinkers and tickers are completely different. A drinker might consume eight pints of Carling in the same pub, a ticker might consume eight halves of homebrew in eight different pubs.

      Thanks for the life advice :-)😉


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