The important thing to remember when you’re a pub blogger is to not to get crumbs in your laptop jump on every bandwagon;

Actually, Si was pushing detergent as a cure to life’s ills a week BEFORE Donald. #Trendsetter

Twitter Trends tells me this morning’s top topics include “Princess Charlotte”, “Iron Mike” and “Griffin Park“.

Is Princess Charlotte the one that our last great Prime Minister left at a pub with only the Chinese President and an NBSS 2.5 pint of Greene King IPA for company ? No ?

No pub connections to Mike Tyson I can think of, either, so Griffin Park it is.

Brentford FC formed from Braveheart extras

Only went twice, proper ground, close to the pitch, inedible burger, pub on each corner (never been in any of them).

Their new ground looked impressive, if you like that sort of thing, which I don’t.

A new era, a new error

But it gets kudos for being built in the town, and even closer than Griffin Park to this;

Proper classic

Yes, if I was in lockdown in Brentford now not only could I miss the last match at their lovely old ground, I’d also be able to stare forlornly at a closed Kew Gardens and just about the ONLY reliable Bass house in the whole of London.



The Express Tavern isn’t the ONLY reason to visit Brentford, but I’ll warrant it’s the best one you’ve seen this morning.  The CAMRA members below were drinking Harvey’s.

Harvey’s ! In the Express !

Don’t be like CAMRA members.  Be like retiredmartin and drink Bass.

Lacings don’t lie

Come at 1.30pm on a Thursday, not 7pm on match night.

Proper seating

What else have you got, apart from a stroll along the Thames and some brutalist civic buildings.


Well, some Proper Pubs with Courage and Fullers livery, for a start.

Windsor & Eton beer, predictably
Pride drinking well

The Magpie & Crown is the normal CAMRA recommendation, but I loved Black Dog Beer House. Perhaps the most West London pub in Brentford, if that makes sense. “Twickenham with a soul” I wrote. Simon will know what I mean, even if I don’t.

Vinyl actually being placed
Unpronounceable specials
Remember when folk used to eat out ?

You won’t get a ticket to the early games at the new Brentford games anyway, so best off come here for your spreadable salami and pub cat cuddle.

Who ? Me ?

Then catch up on all that Bass you’ve missed in the Express.

15 thoughts on “FAREWELL, GRIFFIN PARK

  1. “Don’t be like CAMRA members. Be like retiredmartin and drink Bass.” Here, here! And even more so in the excellent Express Tavern.

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    1. Hopefully you realise I’m joking by now, Paul 🙂 . Drink what you like, just do it in pubs when they re-open. Plenty of CAMRA members on Discourse rubbish the BBBs, mind.

      The Express seemed more popular that I remembered when I visited last year, perhaps the addition of guest beers make it a real destination pub, but it had a lot of local custom.

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      1. Really enjoyed my visit to the Express Tavern, a couple of years ago, Martin. A wonderful, two bar pub, excellent food and equally good Draught Bass.

        That visit was actually a CAMRA one, but several of us still went for the Bass – might be an age thing!

        ps. I do realise you are joking, and I was actually agreeing with you about the “beer snobbery” of some, but not all, CAMRA members.


  2. Managed to watch from three sides of the ground as an away fan but only been in two of the pubs. Proper ground, but the new one doesn’t look too bad as these things go.

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    1. What are the three or four fan favorite grounds? I know that is personal preference, but in most sports a few stand out that all agree on.

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      1. The favourites would depend on how you value noise, individuality of stadium and proximity to city centre and pubs. Big factor is seating; the atmosphere is completely different to when half the ground stood. Of course, ALL away supporters stand, even though they have seats.

        The Etihad has the best seats and best views (!), but I’d nominate Wolves and Newcastle as two major grounds in the centre with good atmosphere and great pubs. Crystal Palace in South London has had great atmosphere since they returned to the Premier League.

        Half the lower league clubs have moved from hundred year old grounds to out-of-town kit stadiums in the last 30 years. Cambridge United is still a throwback, as is Blackpool and Grimsby, but I can’t think of many to have survived gentrification !

        Tom will have different views !

        I really enjoyed watching football at Berwick, Arbroath and Huntly in Scotland recently. Good atmosphere and great pies.


      2. Newcastle are on the verge of some major investment that might give them a Manchester City style transformation, if football ever restarts. Quite hard getting tickets for ANY Premier league matches these days but they may change I fear.


      3. Both Sheffield clubs have ‘proper grounds’ – 4 different stands and not too modern. If I was to recommend somewhere more down to earth to go then Grimsby or Carlisle have mainly unmodernised grounds.

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      4. Agree on Sheffield – both grounds close to lots of hills and pubs and life. Haven’t been to Bramhall Lane since there was standing, but Hillsborough was my last ground before the Lockdown.

        I mentioned Grimsby and you’re right on Carlisle. The Shay in Halifax is a good shout too.

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  3. If I remember rightly we went to Express Tavern many years ago & had a rather splendid Sunday lunch.Went to the football ground a few times when London Broncos Rugby League played there- we never went in any of the pubs either as the lad was a bit too young for street corner pubs but we always wondered what they were like -a strange fact -the Broncos cheerleaders used to get changed in one of them(goodness knows why ! )

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    1. Had to laugh at that Pauline, those pubs near the ground don’t look very family friendly but I remember taking my two year old there in 2001 and popping in one of them before Brentford v Cambridge and it was fine, if noisy.

      I’m sure the Express served you Sunday Lunch, it’s renowned for food.

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