Paul had been tremendous company, but it was time for him to head back to New Town with its heritage interiors and beardless customers.

I may not have done any new GBG pubs that Monday, but I could at least have a possible pre-emptive tick on the way to Waverley Station.

hanging bat

The Hanging Bat has been top of the table on RateBeer’s Guide to Edinburgh for a while.  But as we know, RateBeer isn’t a place you’ll find the Stamford & Warrington, or anything in Coalville, so I think we can discount that as authoritative.

But note that Paul is ahead of me zipping in the Bat, game for anything as usual.

Go Paul
Batmen = Pubmen
Not heritage (yet)

Now you’ll know the views of old codgers like me on hard to read beer boards (see also: Euston Tap).  At least they had CASK first on the sign.

Note all priced in two-thirds

Paul was about to ask for a half. They didn’t sell halves, only thirds and multiples.  I think that was the cue for Paul to head north. I never saw him again.  Well, not for 10 days, at least.

Only thirds.  That suited me.  The Fallen Grapevine was somehow just £1.30, and was gorgeous, as good as anything I drank that weekend (NBSS 3.5+).

The two chaps at the bar were chatty, we compared notes on the Bath Hotel, all was well with the world.

The third was more than that !

And it’s not in the GBG, while a Brewer’s Fayre selling warm Doom Bar was*.  Ha !

Hope the homebrew isn’t an attempt to make the Guide.



*Let it go, retiredmartin, let it go !


  1. Was in there for the first time last year, and realised that I’d been there before (25 years or so ago), in it’s previous incarnation as the Burnt Post, a “proper” old school Edinburgh bar with an almost identical layout; just a lot more dark wood, as best I can recall.
    I think they may struggle to get GBG entry by having quite a bit of cask with “challenging” flavours and ingredients. The beer I had at the time featured Hibiscus and Lime, which I imagine may scare off the more traditional amongst us (I struggled with it).


      1. I can’t argue with any of the Edinburgh selections. Looking at NBSS scores over many years, only Manchester, Cambridge, Sheffield and Newcastle match them for quality in cities. Never taken a pint back there either. Turnover, turnover, turnover.


      2. So the McEwans 80/- last time I was in Diggers has given way to Stewart 80/-.
        The old Scottish beer names are suddenly appropriate again. I paid £3 for a pint of Belhaven 60/- at the AGM and I’m sure there are Edinburgh pubs that will charge £4 for the 80/-.


  2. I was once out to a vicious bouncer that clipped the hanging bat and was caught by gully.
    Let’s see Russ work that one out !
    Just heading off to the airport for the first of four flights to get home with not a huge margin of error.
    This could be fun.

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