Off to Aberdeen with Mrs RM, where I will slave away visiting pubs while she solves the University’s IT problems or something.

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We’d booked the sleeper from Euston.

Shall we go up early. Have a beer in the Tap ?” she said.

Now, as a mansplaining man, it never pays to be too enthusiastic about a woman’s pub choice, does it ? And her knowledge of good boozers in Kirkcaldy is a bit weak.

Even if it’s the best idea EVER now I’ve completed London GBG entries.

“OK” I said.

It’s the lights that I love
Euston Tap
A more pointless map than usual

OK, we could have gone to one of three Fullers diners or a pub that used to be a Firkin in Mrs RM’s student days, but now the Bree Louise is no more, NOT doing the Euston Tap seems a bit weird.
The Tap often seems to be seen as less of a pub and more of a distress purchase when you’ve half an hour to your train.

But I’ve enjoyed leisurely lunchtime pints with work colleagues, quick post-gig halves of DIPA and a memorable vertical drinking session with Sunderland fans after the 2014 League Cup Final.

For me, though, it’s all about the upstairs. And it’s the staircase that puts people off exploring one of the best pub rooms in London.

Don’t look down

So I did my usual urging to Mrs RM to run upstairs and nab a table.

We grabbed the corner space, underneath the Pabst Blue Ribbon sign.

Newly trendy

“What do you want Mrs RM ?”

“Something strong”

Obviously I don’t really call her Mrs RM.

I can see the cask blackboard from here

By 8pm the post-work crowd is thinning, so the service is fast and polite.

Eyesight failing

And the nice lady gives me plenty of time to read the blackboards and end up with a Five Points and a Mikkeller.


A pint of Pale, a half of Mikkeller and two packets of Pipers for £9. It’s not Sam Smiths but it’s not bad. And the pints were cool and beautiful.

Mrs RM on the pints

If the Tap had any pretentiousness when it opened, it’s long lost it. You’ll have heard of most of the beers, and the upstairs room is a smorgasboard of foreign accents. Two Japanese lads share a strong beer and eat their own sandwiches, BRAPA-like.

We get Dexy’s “Don’t Stand Me Down” and “Eton Rifles” and “Regret“. It could be a student pub in Loughborough.

Mrs RM wants another pint. I brave the stairs again.

Hope you don’t meet anyone half-way

They had Mrs RM’s new favourite on !

Siren Broken Dream

Mrs RM’s second ever Champion Beer Of Britain, I helped her a bit with this one (NBSS 4), and a keg dark Moor beer that didn’t taste like keg.

A Proper Pub, one where couples on their anniversary feel obliged to leave their calling card in the loo.

Thanks Deb

Anyway, it’s been an hour. Suddenly we had 15 minutes till boarding. And you should never make Mr or Mrs RM run after we’ve had two pints.


8 thoughts on “MRS RM’S EUSTON TIP

  1. So you didn’t try Fullers’s new Signal Box ?
    No, their beer can’t be any good now.

    It’s the end of May and end of June I’ll next be down there.


      1. I got in the Euston Tap quite often during it’s first few years but that was before I developed an unexplained intolerance to citrusy beers.
        Yes, “it’s the staircase that puts people off exploring” the top half, especially people with knees as wonky as mine.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a great venue, for want of a better word, convenient and relatively cheap by London prices, always a good beer range and not all citrusy, the stairs can be very daunting depending on the previous intake.


  3. “It’s the lights that I love”
    I was going to ask if that was a boozer in the photo above that. Blimey.
    “Newly trendy”
    Sigh, so I’ve heard.
    “Obviously I don’t really call her Mrs RM.”
    Oh, I dunno. It worked well in Pride and Prejudice. 🙂
    “I can see the cask blackboard from here”
    I see a fellow with 50 shades of grey in his hair. 😉
    “Mrs RM wants another pint. ”
    Isn’t that a bit like saying the sky is blue?
    “They had Mrs RM’s new favourite on !”
    Beer over prosecco. Well done her!
    “Thanks Deb”
    You know, the way Deb drew that heart the knotholes look like nipples.


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