Only one more post then it’s the big trip to Aberdeen, which is more than a succession of Brew Dogs.

The Jewellers Arms has generous opening hours, but being a few minutes from Burning Soul, which doesn’t, I’d been saving it up.


I didn’t have high expectations, having had my share of disappointments with Black Country Ales‘ burgeoning empire.

The Birmingham bin strike doesn’t enhance the approach…

Not art

But there’s stunning Victoriana, and pubs to suit all tastes in the JQ now (except Spoons-heads).

Pub-to-bank conversion ?
Dead ?

And by the time I arrived I’d remembered my last two BCAs in Burton and West Brom had been crackers.


The Jewellers looks like it’s been specially built for a Black Country soap opera* called “Bostin‘ “, and impression maintained by a frankly unlikely cross-section of society  occupying the tables in neat little groups, and all engaged in animated discussions about domestic issues.

Proper Pub life
I wouldn’t sit there either

Just what I want from a pub, rather than it being the sole preserve of old blokes for hipsters, who would in any case be scared off by the playing of “Follow Me, Follow You”.  First Yes, now Genesis; what’s occurring ?

I’d read a negative comment about the service here the day before, but couldn’t fault it myself. A slightly more manageable array of cask, too,


even if it was something new to me (and just pulled) I went for.

A cool smooth 3.5

A “polite pub” I noted, but definitely a drinkers pub too. If they were all this clean, bustling and focused they’d quickly become my favourite small pub chain.


*Yes I know this is firmly in Brum but it feels very West Brom.


      1. Ah, so that’s why it was on in the Nursery a week ago.
        I had two pints of t’Old Indie though.


    1. It’s definitely blonder that it used to be.
      And it is now described as having “a citrus finish” but I’ve not noticed one.


  1. “Not art”

    Dang. That was going to be my witty remark.

    “Dead ?”

    Nah. Merely ‘resting’, possibly after a long squawk. 😉

    “Proper Pub life”

    Lacings and blurred lines. Wasn’t that a song by Robin Thicke?

    “*Yes I know this is firmly in Brum but it feels very West Brom.”

    You say Brum, I say (West) Brom. Let’s call the whole thing off. 😎


    PS – “but definitely a drinkers pub too. ”

    Apostrophe either before or after the ‘s’ I believe.


  2. If I might suggest Wrenbury In Cheshire The Burtphore Inn, The Cotton Arms, The Dusty Miller, and a bit of a hike to the only Other Combermere Arms, All excellent food pubs. Wrenbury has railway Station. There is a lord Combermere somewhere and the Burtphore is on the ancestral estate.

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  3. BCA are generally excellent and bustling apart from one in Leicester which always appears to be empty. Love their approach and good beers – Rich won’t agree – and I’ve not been here since it was taken over but it looks like a welcome refurb!

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