Once again BRAPA has been stealing a march on me, getting some gig leading the Yorkshire Bank expansion (“Project Invade The Capital“), just so he can visit all the London pubs before Duncan and myself.

And then knocking out a September summary before the month’s out. Si still has several September posts to dazzle us with, and I’ve got to write up Worcester, Sheffield and Canary Wharf.  But (spoiler) none of those trips are going to trouble my End of Month Awards, so here’s my stocktake.

A month that started and ended (middle-aged bloke confession) in a flood of tears watching Julien Baker, once in Dorset, once in Manchester. Modern music, heh ?

Slightly less emotional gigs from Prolapse with Sirs Quinno and Doris in Hackney and a few in Cambridge as the autumn live circuit kicks off.

It was a pleasure to finally meet Sir Doris, on a day we also caught up with Tandleman as he tasted the beer in his East London local.

Good beer quality in London was the biggest surprise on the pub front (honest) and a couple of long walks eastward were the architectural highlights.

Pubwise the month only started on Thursday the 13th when the GBG landed on my doorstep mobile app.  Still time off for thirty-one (31) Guide ticks, with the Isle of Man, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Central London already finished.  Only 569 to go.

My posts on the new Beer Guide centred on the absurdity of entries open eleven days a month or (apparently) two hours a week.


New Pub of the Month – The Bull in Brandon

Who’d have guessed ?  A basic hotel bar for Old Boys which gives you a straight answer when you ask “What’s selling quickest ?”


Beer of the Month – have a guess.


Best Takeaway – Fish & Chips, Stotfold

Best Discovery – LBC.  #ScrapTheBBC



An exciting month ahead, visiting pubs just after Duncan and BRAPA, and making trips to That Bristol (Low gig), Dover (some hardcore nonsense for Matt), Leeds and many, many trips to the Home Counties.  Plus more Sheffield.

Oh, and New York/Toronto at the end of the month.

But first, it’s Pub Curmudgeon’s favourite beer event this Friday.

Image result for indy man beer con 2018


    1. I’m quite sure there will be no OBB, proper seating and pub cat at IndyManBeerCon so I know where I would go instead – even if they were the same price.

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      1. I will warn you that when I was there (4 years ago), the cask scene was how I imagine it was in the UK in 1985. Lots of homebrew quality. But that may have changed. And Montreal is far better than Toronto in virtually every way I could think of.

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  1. I missed your post on Brandon Martin, but as a result of umpteen trips to Norfolk, I can definitely place the town on a map.

    However, now the dualling of the A11 is complete, I don’t tend to take the route through the town quite so often (Barton Mills, Lakenheath, Brandon, Swaffham).

    Of interest to on-one else apart from me, is the fact that my American brother-in law, had a flat in Brandon, whilst serving with the USAF at Lakenheath. He preferred living “off base”, especially as his flat was directly opposite the Flintknappers pub, right in the town centre.

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  2. “which gives you a straight answer when you ask “What’s selling quickest ?” –Reading between the lines, I gather you often fail to get a straight answer to this question. Must be a bit annoying, as it shouldn’t be such a hard question to answer! And you’d think bar staff would immediately understand the reasoning behind the question.

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