So, ebullient in Eccles, pre-emptive in Prestwich, made up in Middleton, A good evening reached its denouement in the world’s greatest city.

Future home for displaced railway arch breweries

It’s always good to be back in Manchester, with a couple of hours to wobble aimlessly before the Julien Baker gig at Gorilla.


Aimless as I have no new central pubs to visit, so can revisit a few Manc classics for you.  Like the Peveril, back in the Guide after, ooh, ages.

Still gorgeous

It used to be a GBG regular, dropping out when quality seemed to dip a little a decade ago, though a beer range focused on the regionals can’t have helped.

The 1994 sticker is a classic

At 6pm it’s busy enough with students to be enjoyable, but quiet enough to set up the shots.

Multi-room magic
Pub life

You can tell it’s a student pub; the soundtrack goes from “Hong Kong Garden” to “I‘m in Love With A German Film Star” while I order my Plum Porter.

In its own glass – yes !

Ah, the Passions !”   Yes, students know more about music from 1981 than the vibrant scene of 2018.

Always go for the room with table football if you’re after banter, folks.

City beat the Stretfords 8-7 on penalties

Not exactly Eccles quality banter, mind, merely clarifying Stockport County’s next fixture (Duncan would have known it) and debating the merits of Jennifer Lawrence’s recent Sci-Fi picture, the name of which they’d already forgotten.

I took my Plum Porter (rich, tasty, not quite cellar cool so NBSS 3.5) on a little tour of the rooms.


Then someone put The Smiths on, and it was time to leave.

The Gents are as good as ever.  Love that Wilsons tiling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome back, Peveril,  Not sure I could give a tourist directions to it, but you’re hardly going to miss it, are you ?



12 thoughts on “PEAK MANCHESTER

  1. It’s 30 years this week since I went to Mcr university and discovered the Pev. Hasn’t changed much, although the football table looks like it’s been replaced. It still served Wilson’s bitter then. Or was it Websters? Neither were much cop, but I wasn’t paying much attention.

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  2. This is a pub I’ve heard of but sadly have never been to, this in spite of a number of visits to Manchester over the years. Very much want to visit it someday, as well as the Marble Arch.

    “debating the merits of Jennifer Lawrence’s recent Sci-Fi picture, the name of which they’d already forgotten” –This made me chuckle, as I know what film they’re talking about, but I too have forgotten the name!

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  3. “Future home for displaced railway arch breweries”

    Good lord. Is that a Hilton hotel?


    Agreed. Although, no offense, but all of that tiling looks a bit like the inside of a fancy loo. 🙂

    “Still gorgeous”

    Definitely more like a loo now. 😉

    “In its own glass – yes !”

    Now THAT’S gorgeous. 🙂

    “Then someone put The Smiths on, and it was time to leave.”

    No offense? 🙂



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