I’ve been boring you with my enthusiasm for Halifax for a while now, and there’ll be more of that to come with three new entries in town again.

But my first Calderdale caper came in bucolic Brighouse, walking distance from The Shay (I did it once, it’s hilly).

Brighouse horrified to be associated with the ‘Fax

I was only here in January, praising a new micro and making Embrace puns no-one got.

Eight months later I get a return visit to what sounds almost like a craft bar, which is what you get when you’re careless enough to be within 20 miles of Leeds.

In Brighouse itself, the sun shines, the roadworks have gone, the logs are still for sale.


I take a rare stroll over the Calder & Hebble Navigation to admire the old mills.  I think the big one is now a climbing centre, symbolising the struggle to repel gentrification, or summat.


Beer Garden, apparently

The Millers, presumably not based after Rotherham United, doesn’t look very craft, with glossy lunch offers, huge adventure playground and unprepossessing exterior.


Inside it’s all shiny and tasteful and appealing to the well-dressed suburbanite, in the same style as those new Hoyland Common bars that Si loves.  It’s also doing very well, busier with lunchtime diners than most Cambridge pubs, despite the Spoons.

Some decent keg I can’t remember, some interesting cask in the modern style.  Mr Coldwell will be able to identify them all.


No, YOU try the Landlord

Two enthusiastic lunchtime drinkers are giving out tasting tips, so I head for the safety of the middle of the room with my Stancil.  I think I now realise it’s the light wood that gives the Millers the contemporary dining look.

Light wood

Hard to fault the pub as an allrounder, and the Stancil is cool and tasty in the Calderdale tradition (NBSS 3.5), leaving those lacings you see at the top.

I’ll overlook the offering of tasters; the barman was cheery and helpful and you just have to let these things go.  Weird indie soundtrack, too.

The town centre always delights with its home-brand bargain shops,

You’re spoilt for toiletries here

the £1.20 black pudding pork pie shop,

Note Ship reflected in window

the Ship with grumpy beer ticker immortalised on the wall,

The Ship, the GBG bridesmaid again

and of course the musical delights you’ve just missed.

Also sings the first Embrace LP on request

Really, what more do you want from life ?


  1. ” I think the big one is now a climbing centre, symbolising the struggle to repel gentrification, or summat. ”

    If that’s the case shouldn’t that then be summit ?

    I’d get my coat but it’s roasting here in Ireland.

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  2. Mr Tyke hates being offered tasters -as if he is some sort of amateur -particularly from some young whippersnapper ! (the chap in the white shirt does look rather nice though )

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      1. He is indeed & it all started with a few thousand pints of handpulled Tetleys which was the Holy Grail back in the 70’s-his palate has matured significantly since those heady days -rather partial to dark beers & strong German &Belgian ales

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  3. You were not that far from us Martin, in fact much closer and you’d be stalking us! We departed West Yorkshire this morning, and after a splendid drive across the moors, we headed east, through the Vale of York, followed by the Wolds.

    This afternoon we enjoyed the delights of sunny Bridlington, but will be heading for home in the morning.

    I’m sure I mentioned before that several years ago, I spent a night in Brighouse with a couple of work colleagues, prior to auditing a local printer, who still does work for us. I don’t remember that much about the town, although we did end up in the local Spoons – a converted Methodist church, if my memory serves me well.

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  4. “Brighouse horrified to be associated with the ‘Fax”

    A bit ironic for a place named after a jail (hard ‘g’ in the name, which is probably incorrect).

    “Beer Garden, apparently”

    It looks to me a bit like a lineup for a water ride.

    “presumably not based after Rotherham United”

    New Mills or Carlton Town surely. 😉

    “Note Ship reflected in window”

    And here’s me looking for an actual floating vessel. 🙂

    “Really, what more do you want from life ?”

    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women? 😉



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