It seems a shame to waste some lovely pictures of Eccles, just because I can’t attach a beer to the post. It’s not as if anyone else blogs about Salford.


And I reckon the Milton Hotel deserves some credit.  Part of “a select group pf hotels in Europe’s most beautiful locations”, namely Perth, Carlisle, Paisley and Eccles.


Believe me on this, the Milton is a cracker.  Clean, modern, efficient and £34 for a twin room.  With this view from the seventh floor;

View to Woolyback land

They’ve even got craft beer ! (the Bud, not the Goose).

Bar open later than Spoons

I’ll stay here again.  The train to Manchester Deansgate takes ten minutes, or you can take the slow tram and explore Weaste.  Which sounds like something to do to honour the spirit of Alan Winfield.


Alan loved Eccles, I’ve no doubt, and the Wetherspoons had that great atmosphere you get with Professional Drinkers settling in for the long haul at 9am.  They even have little rooms below the main floor where you can do your blog in peace.

Note old cinematic touches

The cask range is one of the better ones I’ve seen in Spoons of late.  If you think I’m drinking Wobbly Bob (6%) or True Grit (5%) with my mushroom benedict you probably live in Stafford.

Wobbly  Bob the mark of a Proper Pub

Not a lot of cask being drunk, even when I left at 10am (3 flat whites later).  But then, Bud Light is £1.99.

Rare BrewDog for £2.99 outlet

Worth the £4.45 breakfast deal for the wonderful staff, carpets,


and the banter;

There ya go sugar t**s ” isn’t something you hear in the Regal, let alone when it’s a barmaid saying it to her octogenarian clientele.

Eccles really is a must visit for the Proper Pub lover.

23 thoughts on “SPOONS CARPETS, ECCLES

      1. Martin, you enjoyed every minute of the the tremendous little craft bar with hoppy keg beers, you know you did, as did I.
        Stafford Mudgie, I’m sure you are right, though convinience is the only thing going for them in my book.

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    1. Citra,
      I’m quite sure that the “Proper pub lover” is in “Spoons” until 11am and then moves on to the Proper Pubs.
      “You probably live in Stafford” – indeed I do.

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  1. “Boutique”

    The sign says over 2000 quality used cars. Are they all tucked away inside the tall building?

    “Believe me on this, the Milton is a cracker. ”

    Wait, that tall building was your hotel?

    “Alan loved Eccles, I’ve no doubt,”

    I agree.

    “But then, Bud Light is £1.99.”


    Oh and interesting that yours is 3.8%. Over here it’s 4.2%.

    “let alone when it’s a barmaid saying it to her octogenarian clientele.”




  2. I’m somewhat late in coming to this post Martin, despite having the use of a laptop whilst away in “foreign parts”.

    Sad to see the Cross Keys, next to Eccles Parish Church, all boarded up. Back in my student days the pub served one of the best pints of Draught Bass imaginable. And now, from what I read on the Manchester Evening News website, it’s to be turned into flats.

    Words fail me!

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