It’s 8:13am and there’s no-one in the Spoons.

To put you out of your torment, last night’s mystery copper topped pub was, of course, the Stormont in Blairgowrie. Who ? Where ? Turn south at the Cairngorms, right at Balmoral (micropub, limited hours), and if you end up in the sea you’ve gone too far. Breakfast in Blairgowrie is 2 choices. Pecan biscuits… Continue reading It’s 8:13am and there’s no-one in the Spoons.


It seems a shame to waste some lovely pictures of Eccles, just because I can’t attach a beer to the post. It’s not as if anyone else blogs about Salford. And I reckon the Milton Hotel deserves some credit.  Part of “a select group pf hotels in Europe’s most beautiful locations”, namely Perth, Carlisle, Paisley and… Continue reading SPOONS CARPETS, ECCLES