Three trips from the dying days of September to write up, starting with Worcester last Friday.  This one may take ages, or not.

It’s  an official Beer & Pubs Forum Proper Pubs Day Out, so strict rules apply.  Waistcoats made out of bar towels, pints in straight glasses, no bar snacks turned down, the B&PF song whistled between pubs.

I brought Chief Internal Auditor and Curry Connoisseur (open alternate Saturdays) along to keep order.  Charles had to travel from Dereham, several decades into Norfolk, and I can’t say I was in much of a hurry after only one day to recover from Eccles.

Big journey west


So by the time we’d checked into our apartment (the Jewel, a gem) a mile north of town it was already 2pm and the assorted Mudgies and Citras and Jons and Yorkies were already three pints to the good.  At the start of a long, long list.


That shortfall didn’t stop Charles and I getting lost near the canal and then stopping to admire the architecture like the sophisticats (?) we are.

Worcester Woman with Worcester Man

On another sultry Autumnal day Worcester looked the business, and the city streets were busy with a wider age range of folk than you’d get in most places.

I had entertained ambitions to watch a bit of county cricket and climb the Cathedral tower but a) Yorkshire wrapped up a 3 day cricket and b) Charles has a dodgy knee.

Charles also has an unfortunate habit of asking for tasters in the Plough, so I took an executive decision to skip that part of the crawl and pop in the Spoons.

The Postal Order is a cracking Spoons, the more boozy of the two (the Coldwells were staying in the posh one).  So the gobblers had long gone, leaving a fair few Professional Drinkers to enjoy some sort of mini festival.

I caused minor alarm by breaking the computer which couldn’t discount already discounted ales to less than £1.69, but at least the vouchers were getting used.

Best pint of the day (spoiler), Ludlow Lad from Woods, which is about as Spoons a Spoons guest as you can get (NBSS 3.5).  Cool, silky and frothy, it slipped down in 487 seconds.

We haven’t had lunch”  squealed Charles.


When in Worcester, eat pork baps.


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24 thoughts on “ON THE WORCESTER SAUCE – VOL I

  1. “Museum”

    The inscription on the building says ‘library and museum’. To my way of thinking, a library is technically a museum in a way. 😉

    “Worcester Woman with Worcester Man”

    I thought it was you and Charles holding still for a selfie. 🙂

    “and b) Charles has a dodgy knee.”

    Is he related to Si?

    “When in Worcester, eat pork baps.”

    I’ll keep that in mind.

    Oh and with regards to the slideshow that one pic is like a kebab spinner without the spinner! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the “Library & Museum” livery dates back to the time before Canada was invented; the library will no doubt be in a modern ugly building these days.

      You’re right about the kebab; we got in 10 minutes before it closed so it was the dregs !


      1. “I think the “Library & Museum” livery dates back to the time before Canada was invented; ”

        Well done.

        The current Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum building at Forgate Street was built in 1835; Canada was ‘invented’ in 1867. 😉

        Ooops. The current building at 30 Forgate Street wasn’t completed until 1896 (the foundation stone was laid in 1894). The old museum was on Forgate street but was located where the current Odeon cinema is located. 😉



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      1. Yes The Oil Basin had good beer, the best of the day was keg and in Hop Lords, Vibrant Forest Cambrian Root was excellent, best cask beer I had was in the Plough, Swan Green Swan.


  2. WhatPub reports that “The Postal Order has one of the largest real ale sales in Wetherspoon’s West Midlands region”.
    My Acorn Old Moor Porter there was discounted from £1.99 to £1.49.
    Rather than Ludlow Lad wasn’t the Woods beer Shropshire Lad, originally a blended beer as Doom Bar was ?

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    1. I feel cheated now, Paul. It was definitely £1.69, something to do with beers already discounted. Next time I’m there I’ll ask for my 20p back and quote you.

      NB All the beers were £1.49 (=99p with token) at the Spoons in Peterlee. Go there now !

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    2. I think Ludlow Lad won the 3.40 at Chepstow, Paul !

      I thought the Woods beers were Shropshire (not Ludlow) Lad and Lass, as the enthusiastic barman gave us an enthusiastic review of the two. NB If Wetherspoons staff hate their job they hide it very well in the Postal Order.


    3. You shouldn’t feel cheated because my pint of Acorn Old Moor Porter in the Postal Order was really £2.76½, not £1.49, taking into account that to get to Worcester in time to check out both of Tim’s venues I needed an ‘anytime’ return which, at £14.05, was £2.55 dearer than the ‘off peak’ return.

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