24th February 2020 “Nottingham’s Pub of the Year“declares the Old Green Dragon, along with its predilection for old Guinness adverts. Glory for tiny Oxton, tucked away in the posh bit between Southwell and Nottingham, safely away from mining villages, pumping stations and CenterParcs. Dave will be thrilled to learn that the other, recent GBG, pub… Continue reading AN ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE


Young Simon is clearly having a good time down in Dorset, exploring the unexpectedly rough pubs of Greater Bournemouth (Lesser Bournemouth is rubbish). I’m quite jealous of his first ever trips to Lower Parkston Ex-Servicemen’s Club and the Cricketers, particularly as I’ll only get to drive him to square micros this week. New entries to… Continue reading YAM YAM


  A short diversion from chronology, though I only now need to bring you up to date with my “Birthday Bonanza” in Cumbria and Manchester, which will probably only take me three weeks with a bit of discipline. Having failed to make it to the Ruislip micro pub on Christmas Day due to the in-laws… Continue reading COCONUTS