24th February 2020

Nottingham’s Pub of the Year“declares the Old Green Dragon, along with its predilection for old Guinness adverts.

Glory for tiny Oxton, tucked away in the posh bit between Southwell and Nottingham, safely away from mining villages, pumping stations and CenterParcs.


Dave will be thrilled to learn that the other, recent GBG, pub (in a village of 568) is an “olde”, so confusion reigns.

One pub per 234 souls
Got to love a sign without words

Now this may seem counter-intuitive, but local Branch Pubs of the Year are often rather dreary. Partly because they have to appeal to the gentle as well as the unwashed, they can be rather polite affairs; only last year a county POTY with nice food, nice people and Locale beers gave me NO material at all to construct a blog, so I didn’t bother.

Only in Stockport could a proper “workingman’s boozer” win POTY. Twice.

What does the Dragon have ?

Should have had a Guinness #subliminal

A tasteful restoration, breweriana, a great welcome, 10CC, proper seating, an ACV.

An ACV. That’ll be it.

I am so judgemental. And I’m wrong. This is what I missed by two days;

BBB heaven

Proper ’90s pumpclips, too. Tempted to drag our campervan back up there right now.

My choice wasn’t bad.

Should have had the

If the Pedigree is as good as the cool, fresh, floral Black Iris (a rare NBSS 4), you should cancel your plans, too.

I wrote “high class“, and I know what I mean but don’t let that put you off.


A combination of Proper Pub, “Dreadlock Holiday” and your favourite BBBs kept perfectly.

Why can’t all Pubs of the Year be like this ?


  1. Ooh, that ‘heritage’ lineup of nineties pump clips looks like a very welcome and appetising blast from the past.

    Certainly recognise the truth in your point that “local Branch Pubs of the Year are often rather dreary” – Glad that this one wasn’t.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Looks more like a crocodile standing on its hind legs.

      Six classic beers I’ve actually heard of is my kind of line-up 😀

      Only one omission, of course, as Martin mentions.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Looks like a long afternoon dominoes session pub. And my go-to Notts brewery too! The thing about those Black Iris pales, they’re all modern and hoppy and whatnot, but unlike so many similar efforts they have that magical ‘drink-all-afternoon-ness’ that the old session beers like Highgate Mild and Draught Bass had/have.


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