As all pub bloggers know, bench seating and cracking beer are no match for a cute pub cat when it comes to blogging.

The one above was a bit coy, obviously waiting for Pub Curmudgeon as I discussed opening time fails with Pubmeister in Levenshulme’s Blue Bell.


A second trip to Levy in quick succession, following a similar post-Indy Man pint in Fred’s.

Love Levy

The 3 of us had arranged this impromptu get-together without as much as a Facebook invite and commemorative programme.

Duncan needed new GBG entry Fred’s, I wanted the award-winning Blue Bell as a pre-emptive tick, and Mudgie had heard about a cutting-edge craft place (details later).

Classic Sam

The Blue Bell, local Pub of the Year for 2018, is set in a residential area away from the buzzy high street.  Sometimes that means it’ll be quiet, but it was thriving  at a quarter to four last Friday (26/1).

It’s prime Sam Smiths, especially the vault.

Prime Sam’s

Duncan and new friend Felix were protecting the prime seating.

Pub Cat of the Month – Felix

The Blue Bell is stunning; warm, welcoming and classy. I can imagine Dick and Dave wanting to detour here on their next trip.  Four rooms gave you choices to engage or hide, read or rant (or stroke the cat).

Odd mannequin with jumper

The three of us had the Bitter, but we may have been in the minority. I’ve no hesitation in saying this is a wonderful pub, a worthy Pub of the Year, but one which may surprise the regulars as much as the rest of the multi-pump obsessed world outside Stockport.

Pub life

The OBB was Beer Guide standard (NBSS 3), if not the best I’ve had in the area, but now I’ve tried the cask I’m liberated to return and drink the keg Stout. And I will.


Mudgie and Moggie became best friends, and all was well with the world.  I can confirm that Duncan drinks pints.

Pint men


Fresh flowers in the Gents, too, always a sign of a pub that cares.





  1. Pubs with cats in them should be closed down, disgusting, especially walking round on the seating. I’m not so keen on dogs roaming round neither, well behaved customers dogs maybe, but the owners dog roaming free in the public areas is a no, no.

    Only thing with Sam’s OBB is – if it isn’t bang on form it’s awful.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I am quite serious. I’m allergic to cats (hay fever type symptoms) if I go in a pub and there has been a cat sitting there and I pick up the ‘whatever it is’ on my hand and then rub my face then that’s it. Best case scenario, have to go and wash my hands. Worse case, that’s me finished for the day, inhaler out, etc. Dogs not so much, but they shouldn’t roam around places.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. “Fresh flowers in the Gents, too, always a sign of a pub that cares.”

    Pfft. After seeing you lot they probably figured Si would be along soon with his aromatic poo. 🙂

    “Odd mannequin with jumper”

    I was going to mention that can’t be the room for having a chat (or rant). The conversation would be a bit… wooden. 😉


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  3. Damn, I never met the cat when I was there early last year. It was a Thursday night and I struggled to find a seat it was that busy so maybe the cat struggled too. Great pub, these Stockport people choose well.
    I don’t know if I’m noticing them more but seem to be more dogs in pubs these days.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think with places like Fred’s Alehouse and the Post Office Deli there are signs that the “Chorlton effect” is starting to spread to Levenshulme. But north of there, as you say, I think every single pub has gone all the way to the Mancunian Way.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. The A6 north of Slade Lane now looks devoid of pubs,when i walked up it from Levenshulme there were 14 pubs on the A6 with others just off it,it looks like they have now all gone.
    I am pleased i did pub crawls in run down areas years ago,because i could not do it now.

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