Part 2 of last Friday’s Levy trail, as we “headz to Fred’s” (potential slogan there).

Levy Horseshoe.PNG

Then we saw this;

Photo from Manchester Irish Festival website

In years to come, future generations of pub tickers will debate, “JFK”-style, which of us actually suggested a detour from our CAMRA approved crawl to this unassuming backstreet Irish pub.

It’s a secret new craft bar”  I probably said.

Go on. Go on. Go on” said Duncan

Will there be a pub cat ?”  said Mudgie.


The lack of photos tells you all you need to know.  That and the visit of what we call a “peripatetic salesman”.  We already had all the kitchen gloves we needed, thank you.

One for Duncan’s “Guess the flag” game

It was a “proper” pub, pleasant enough and ideal for folk who go out to watch horse racing and drink proper beer.  The John Smiths Smooth is mine, by the way.  Duncan and Mudgie went for some foreign muck.  Alan is right about the Smooth.

Confident that the Horseshoe will be eligible for the GBG once CAMRA ratify the proposed extension of what constitutes “good beer” , Duncan added the pub to his spreadsheet and we rounded the corner to Fred’s Ale House.

Fred’s a recycled photo before you ask

Now this looks less like a proper pub than the Horseshoe or Blue Bell, but a return visit confirmed it as one of my favourite places in Manchester, and therefore the world.

Top line-up

A rather younger crowd, confirmed by banter entirely about “Dennis the Menace“, and rather less traditional seating.  I couldn’t get the jukebox to work, no doubt it had been commandeered for the afternoon.

So lots of chat (non-political, thank goodness), and some of the best beer anywhere.  Blackjack and a black IPA served cool and in top condition, NBSS 4 both.

Lovely glasses
And look at that head

And that’s all he wrote about Levenshulme.  Great place, and the coffee in St Mary’s Parish Centre beats any of your Cambridge independent cafes all day long.





  1. John Smiths Extra Smooth – deep admiration for your resilience. Had one once, in a pub in Swindon, where the only other offering that wasn’t lager was Caffrey’s. No idea, to this day, whether made the right choice.

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  2. “That and the visit of what we call a “peripatetic salesman”.”

    I had to look that up. Learn something new every day. 🙂

    “Fred’s a recycled photo before you ask”

    The fellow on the right looks like he’s auditioning for Assassin’s Creed; the movie. 😉

    “I couldn’t get the jukebox to work, no doubt it had been commandeered for the afternoon.”

    If it had been a Monday I’d say they’d reserved it for the Music Quiz. But it was a Friday, yes?

    “And that’s all he wrote about Levenshulme.”

    Sounds like it was a great outing. 🙂


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  3. Full marks for Led Zeppelin reference in the title.

    For the record, in the Horseshoe I had Guinness, while Duncan had Open Gate Amber Pale Ale, which is about as craft as it gets in there. That plus John Smith’s was the sum total of the ale offer – there wasn’t even the long-forgotten brand of keg mild you sometimes come across.

    The pub was also playing some contemporary R&B music with those horrible metallic-sounding treated vocals. I mean, it’s not exactly Jethro Tull, is it? 😦

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      1. You may have noticed I suggested this on Discord in response to the woman who was asking why we shouldn’t be scoring craft kegs 😉

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      1. “I gave two versions to give Russ a chance to GET.THE.JOKE.”

        Apologies Prof P. T. It’s been a busy day as Casa Russtovich.*


        * But then again, I still didn’t get the joke. (blush) 🙂

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      1. Haven’t seen it in donkey’s years.
        In fact I haven’t see any of those knock-off smooth Irish thingies in yonks.


  4. I loved your line, “one of my favourite places in Manchester, and therefore the world.” I want to say a place that’s attempting to be a real ale pub, a coffee shop, and an art gallery all at once is not going to be great at all three, but maybe I need to be a little more open minded. : )

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