The quality of our printed media continues to deteriorate into click-bait and rehashed Twitter, but I don’t care.  If I need to know what’s happening I just pay attention to what Mrs RM is saying for a few minutes.

She’s alerted me to some garbage in the Guardian recommending people walk (nearly) past our house. It’s a puff piece, describing big skies (what ?) and fleshed out with links to gastropubs and overpriced B&Bs. This the Cam today – thrilling.

Boating on the Cam, sounds like a Marillion lyric

Be warned, not only is it breathtakingly dull, you’ll also be attacked by cows, or at least you will if you’re Mrs RM.

#CowAppreciationDay indeed

The article highlights the charms of the Green Dragon in Chesterton.  It did indeed have charms, before the most recent Greene King hatchet job and conversion into a “Flame Grill“.  Despite the dull sign, it’s still a decent exterior though. The interior has, like the famed Eagle, lost all it’s character.

Ten years ago it was second only to The Champion of the Thames as a proper Greene King boozer in town, was a Beer Guide regular, and a main meeting point for United fans. It’s one of the few Cambridge pubs that seems to have rationalised the beer range over the last decade, rarely a bad thing.

At 3pm it still has a decent mix of the community, with plenty of OAPs and tradesmen starting their weekend of Carling and San Miguel, with not a real ale in sight.  The IPA is cool but tastes odd and unappealing (NBSS 2.5). If this was your first experience of IPA as a tourist, you’d go back to the lager quick.

To be fair, you’d be better off walking the Cam to Ely where the Greene King in the Prince Albert is first rate, and the views even better.


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