You left me one pint of 6% Green Devil down, and Brighton one-up on Derby, to the joy of no-one. Possibly not even Brighton.

It’s a good job I know the Chesterton area of Cambridge better than anyone semi-alive, having had my first balanced ledger and doner kebab there.


I literally bumped into Leon and Charlotte on the bus stop outside across from the Haymakers, a pub recently slagged by BRAPA and resolutely defended by me.

Rare shot of Haymakers without pizza in it

Quieter than it is at 6pm when the young pros pop in for pizza, but graced by the Milton Brewery founder Richard Naisby himself.

Not actual owner

If you’re expecting beer tasting notes you’ve come to the wrong place. Charlotte and Leon were great company to chat with about the regeneration of Bradford and Halifax and how Leeds get weird as you cross the A1, but I’ll leave that there.

I thought the Milton Beers were OK (NBSS 3). Charlotte had been championing the cause of the visiting Stockport beer; we should have taken her advice.

Mrs RM will tell you about the time I met a visiting groundhopper (from Mansfield, unbelievably) on his way to the Abbey Stadium and got him completely lost. Twice.

Luckily Leon knew to follow the canoes.


They led us, probably, to the Green Dragon, traditional pre-match stop for U’s fans.

At 2pm the only match was more traditional.


Look how much effort those lovely Greene King folk have gone to to convince you they have interesting guest beers.

Read the pump clip carefully

But I care little for provenance.  That Late Hopped Pale Ale was superb (NBSS 3.5+), so what do I know ?  The Dragon was bustling and cosy and I’ve warmed to it recently.

By now Leon had 20 minutes to get across the Common to the ground, so I held him up by taking photos of abandoned boxing gloves, a tradition that dates back to 1675.

In Peterborough colours

A quick pint had turned into three, so it was inevitable I’d find my train back home delayed by 20 minutes, legally necessitating a quick half in the Old Ticket Office.

How did Mrs RM not finish the 10% Barley wine last week ?

I can’t claim that Cambridge’s station bar is the cosiest place in town, but it’s got the widest cross-section of pub life (FACT !) and lovely beer that’s just below cutting-edge.

Admit it.  It’s lovely

So I get my Almasty fix, the Posh Lady gets her two halves of Bulmers, and a drunk Scot gets to ask for a top-up on his NVB Simple Pleasures. Twice.

I do hope Charlotte and Leon enjoyed our wonderful city. We try our best.


21 thoughts on “CAMBRIDGE TIPS

  1. That doesn’t remind me of the Cambridge pubs I’ve occasionally used since 1973.
    I last stayed there in 1993 so Cambridge is on my long list of places that are due a return visit.

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  2. It’s probably just me but I find tip boxes on bars really annoying.
    I don’t tip my postman for delivering a letter – why should I tip someone for pouring a pint ?
    If this sounds unduly curmudgeonly it’s Day 13 of my no drink and first-ever diet regime.
    It’s not the sub-1000 calories per day hunger pangs which I actually rather like but the sheer boredom that gets to me.
    How do people live without going to the pub ?

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  3. The abandoned boxing glove looks especially forlorn and a typically observant shot on your part. I hope the Old Ticket Office doesn’t get into the GBG soon as Cambridge is the sort of place that takes a long time to get to (for me) and by car is especially congested. They always seem to slip a new one in though.


  4. Lovely write up, we really enjoyed Cambridge, and we both concluded it was a notch above Oxford. Less said about the match the better, but the two wins this week have made it seem an OK point.


      1. There are no Leeds CAMRA GBG pubs East of the A1, the nearest is The CVhequers at Ledsham which is current Rural POTY. No Wakey CAMRA pubs neither, in fact not much of West Yorkshire East of the A1 at all. Like I say just the narrow strip where we live.


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