20th October 2022.

I’m not going to get to the end of October before December arrives, am I ?

Oh well, let’s not complain. Two (2) years ago I was reaching the end of the worst month of my life (so far), darkness and pub closure during the Second Lockdown and an on/off house move combining to make November 2020 unbearable.

A rather jollier autumn (Americans – the fall) 2022 included a trip back to Cornwall with my sister to see her granddaughter near Helston.

A well-worn route for all you travel planning fans; A14/M6/M42/M5 etc, rather than the slightly shorter one that takes you round the M25 and risks contamination at Maidenhead.

Excitingly, I get to tick a new(ish) service station at Rugby.

You may laugh, but this photo didn’t have a geographic locator (technical term) and it took me AGES to remember where I was.

It’s a lovely, underused, services with a proper Percy Pig statue. Percy was actually born made into bacon in Brownsover but I guess Rugby is close enough.

The weather was rubbish but the traffic moved fast so we were able to stop at Wellington for lunch. It’s a pointless tradition to stop in an unassuming Somerset town on the way to Cornwall, just like some folk celebrate 25 December.

Last time here, in 2016, I reported Wellington as “dull”, saved only by a “just wonderful” GBG entry that promptly closed.

BUT, and this shows just how influential I am, even without the awards, this is what I wrote back then;

“It’s good to see a cinema surviving in a town, however dilapidated it looks, so I won’t speculate on what Wetherspoons might make of it.”

And so it was that Tim Martin opened the Iron Duke just five (5) months later;

At last ! Somewhere for folk on mobility scooters to go during the day.

The seventh rule of professional GBG ticking is to always go in a new Spoons. Wellington is currently without a Guide entry, but surely this range if beers will guarantee inclusion in 2023.

It’s a lovely building,

with great seating upstairs,

and the most impressive cellar toilets in the UK, which will provide the answer should anyone ever ask me “Where were YOU when Liz Truss resigned ?“.

Strictly in the interests of research I had a half of Doom Bar, the nation’s favourite (NBSS 3+) to accompany my halloumi fries, and will receive my Beer Sommelier ale and food matching certificate soon.

Shame about the Halloween tat. Some folk don’t like Christmas decorations; I detest pumpkins in pubs.

To be honest, Wellington looked no less dull than previously, but there is a pub called “Pub“.

That look from Freddie tells me the Pub won’t be making the Guide any time soon.


  1. That range of beers… the three on the right probably won’t get you in the guide, the three on the left definitely won’t; and all six won’t get me into ‘spoons, not when I’ve got a big bottle on Rodenbach 2017 Vintage I can drink at home in my boxers!

    Yeah, I’m killing pubs.


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