18th October 2022.

Mrs RM was chastising me for “only going to pubs” and insisted we actually visit some of the Peak District that we actually moved to Sheffield to explore nearly two years ago.

Everyone seemed to be heading to Ladybower Reservoir to see the flooded village emerge into view, the biggest crowds since those greeting the arrival of the first barrel of Belgian Blue from Bradfield.

A nice easy walk” said Mrs RM, so we parked up in the Fairholmes car park and I stuck £3 in the machine for two hours; plemty of time to walk a little pond.

And so it seemed, as we reached the dry bed housing the remains of Derwent. Good place for a micropub, I thought.

You’ll note the blue skies in late October. Perfect walking weather.

Sadly, Mrs RM kept stopping to take photos for her Instagram and talk to friendly cows, and I realised with horror as we reached the notional half-way point of the A57 that we’d been walking for 70 minutes already.

So I left her to make her own pace and sprinted off back to the car park to stick another £3 in the machine; it would only have cost a fiver for the day.

And then sprinted back to meet Mrs RM with a splendid pasty from the tea shop, which we enjoyed at this point.

A picturesque walk, but hardly a calf stretcher.

Fancy a pint ?” said Mrs RM, but sadly the eponymous Ladybower is still seeking new tenants. If you can’t make the only pub left before Glossop work, I just despair.


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