Two more reports from the Great Sou’wester in July, two more chintzy pubs from Dorset’s limitless collection for you, either side of beautiful Bridport.

I love Bridport’s earthy pubs like the Tiger, but that grit disappears pretty quick as you hit the villages like Askerwell.

I really only need show you the scatter cushions at the Spyway..

But it’s a nice multi-roomer, with a cheery welcome and beer from the barrel.

And a rabbit.

Outside in the sun they had those weatherproof pods that are popping up in all the posh pubs.

Not exactly conducive to the cheery banter that everyone tells you folk go to the pub for though. But if you don’t like other people they’re a great place to hide away.

Gorgeous views, which rather compensated for a Quad Hop that hovered determinedly just below an NBSS 3 and probably explained why the Spyway is one of Dorset’s many yo-yo pubs, a Beer Guide equivalent of Norwich City if you must.

T’other side of Bridport, Chideock has seen the Clock replaced as its Guide entry by the George. It probably made the parish newsletter, along with the flower festival at St Giles.

I’m not sure I could tell them apart. Fish and chips at the George is £16.50, £3 (sorry, 3,0) more than over the road, I guess.

More posh Palmers IPA a 3), a few less scatter cushions, “Hard to Handle” your soundtrack,

and some gorgeous plants I decided not to kill.

And not a single other customer in either pub. It’s me, isn’t it ?

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