In the words of Sonic Youth on the cover of “Goo”*,

it was all “whirlwind, heat, and flash” is the Great Summer Tickathon of 2022.

Obviously I’m relieved to get the Guide done; I might never have been able to complete ever with family dramas eating into available time.

But it did mean I rather whizzed through the South-West, depriving you of the detailed analysis of graffiti and Chinese takeaways that gorgeous UK towns like Lyme Regis (pop. only 3,671, astonishingly) deserve.

But I’d been before (see here and here), and will no doubt go again, hopefully when the Charlottes and Henrys have gone home to Chiswick.

In the meantime, have a picture of The Cobb (or is it a bap ?) that’s in public domain.

For now, all you get is the evidence of two ticks in 20 minutes after a run down the hill that Cyrille (or John) Regis would have been proud of in their pomp.

Here’s a picture I took back in 2019, presciently showing both new entries in the same shot. Shame I didn’t preemptively tick them.

Both the Rock Point and the Pilot Boat across the road (look before crossing, BRAPA) were packed midweek with young folk, clearly all from London as one girl was called “Stinky Emily” (actual name), so the suggestion that pubs are dying is far from proven.

St Austell in the Rock, Palmers in the Pilot, both a solid 3, both the only cask beer in evidence.

The Rock Point gets the nod only because in the Pilot I was made to feel an outcast for not wanting to book a table (and eat) and had to promise to finish my Palmers IPA standing at the bar in 20 seconds.

Which I did.

*I was shocked when I found out where that “Goo” cover came from.


  1. “*I was shocked when I found out where that “Goo” cover came from.” I was agreeing with this comment but as you say electricity can be dangerous if misused.


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