And so my last Dorset GBG ticks for 2019. Sadly it left two still to do, but some pubs believe in observing the Sabbath and Manic Monday.


Lyme Regis is beautiful, though I wish folk wouldn’t ruin it by determinedly driving to the beach when there are perfectly good buses and Park & Rides.

Bottleneck at Lyme Regis
Future micro

Anyway, it was chaos getting a pasty.

No sign of chaos
Ambitiously priced beef & stilton pasties

I had a beef and stilton pasty, the highlight of any trip to Lyme, and pressed on to the brewery tap you know I’m going to detest. Richard loved it.

Yes, yes

There is so little to say about brewery taps.

Inevitable pub games from 1974

There’s an assumption you want tasters, that you’ll want to see the brewing vessels, that you care about the process. None of these apply to me.

Oh no, a flight

But full marks to the young bar man for effort, and for so confidently telling me which beer I should drink. The Best was a cool, solid 3.

Umfortunately I succumbed to his “You MUST try the keg” spiel and sadly found the flagship keg a bit, er, warm. Turns out it wasn’t connected to the cooler. Eventually he fixed it, and I had to agree it was splendid. I will never see it again, anywhere.

Couple succumb to tasters

The second pub was a Proper Palmers house, hurrah !

Go in, people with hats

The Royal Standard looked the classic seaside pub. Giant courtyard in the sun for fish and chips, fairly pubby interior without too many reserved signs. No craft keg.

Barrels for tables, mind
Lovely pump clips

Cheery, professional service from the young staff, too.

The Palmers IPA was cool, if thin (NBSS 3), and I toured the rooms in search of the best banter.

Ultimately it was “In-control Dad” who won my virtual prize, impressing young Emily by recovering her mislaid sandal, randomly saying “Stop it now“, and excitedly telling the family the wait for chips was down to 30 minutes.

They didn’t care, they had WiFi.



  1. Looks like an especially lovely town, in terms of its location.

    I got curious about the “Regis” in Lyme Regis and had to google it. (Here’s what I found, if you’re interested:

    Would you say that these days all the towns that have ‘Regis’ in their name have anything in common, in terms of the look and feel of the town (i.e. they tend to be affluent places)? Or is it nothing more than a quirk of the name at this point?


  2. “though I wish folk wouldn’t ruin it by determinedly driving to the beach when there are perfectly good buses and Park & Rides.”

    Judging from the fact that your map thingy shows it’s a 5 minute walk as opposed to a 9 minute drive I’m guessing it’s bloody choc a bloc with autos!

    “it was chaos getting a pasty”

    Hopefully you’re talking about getting a stripper’s nipple thingy.

    “Ambitiously priced beef & stilton pasties”

    The ones at the bottom right look more like some sort of fish.

    “Inevitable pub games from 174”

    Is ‘174’ the name of a pub game maker?

    “None of these apply to me.”

    If you’ve seen one conical fermenter, you’ve seen ’em all.

    “Oh no, a flight”

    Oh no, take flight!

    “Eventually he fixed it, and I had to agree it was splendid.”

    You should have got it for free for helping him realise his mistake. 🙂

    “Lovely pump clips”

    They do stand out.

    “They didn’t care, they had WiFi.”

    In the photo below, does the sign on the pool table mean that if you’re over 16 you can lie on it? 😉


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