Only two weeks behind on the blog now, which feels like a triumph.  And I reckon the 15 pubs that Duncan took me round in 24 hours this week might fit into a single blog called “Watering West Scotland“.

Next up for me was an event to commemorate the great Richard Coldwell by brewing a special super-strong beer and serving it in Leeds’s trendiest cafe-bar.  He’d have loved that. You can commemorate me with a pint of Bass from the Coopers, drunk in Balti Towers, of course.

Richard would have wanted me to follow-up on some of his numerous tips for future Guide entries in the City That Never Stops Opening New Craft Bars.

I picked North Brewing’s Tap, as it was closest to my usual free parking spot near the skate park.  And because there’s a pint of grapefruit murk when you search on the map.


It’s in the posh bit between the station and The Calls, next to KPMG, which isn’t a bar yet.

Sovereign Square is very shiny, and has hidden North Brewing Co. so well it’s shown in the wrong place on Bing and Google.  Look for Café Nero.


Outside tables in Leeds ? In August ? Must be global warming.

Cut it out

Simon hasn’t visited yet, and I look forward to his joy in discovering a) they’re cashless and b) it takes a degree from Sunderland Uni of Life to work out which, if any, is real ale.

Choices -go for No.3

It’s not the Templar, is it ?  But at 2pm it had suits, layabouts and families, and me.

I had my contactless card, and cared little for the technicalities while I followed my usual rule;

Always start with an 8.5% Imperial Stout

Actually, it was the word “Exclusive” that swung it.

“Good choice” said the barman, another of those pesky cheerful young people who make you feel relentlessly positive about the future of civilisation despite all evidence to the contrary.

And Little Bao Man, not his real name, was just as good, squeezing in my lunchtime special as the cut-off hour approached.

There’s nothing more traditional in Leeds than silky 8.5% Imperial Stout and bao buns.

And flyover graffiti on the way to my Ibis.



9 thoughts on “BAO BUNS IN LEEDS

  1. “another of those pesky cheerful young people who make you feel relentlessly positive about the future of civilization despite all evidence to the contrary.” I will be laughing all day.

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  2. Ah, Leeds. Only 15 years since I moved from there, and since then the city has been relentlessly changing the old with the new. In the good old days, the area down the road from the station was frequented by ladies of the night and hosted a night time market where track-suited youths would sell their merchandise. These days you hardly get a pint of home brew for a fiver.

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