My Leeds Ibis was the one west of centre, bang next to the HQ of my last NHS role. Ah. such happy memories.

Between HEE, DOH, QH and SHA (all actual NHS acronyms) I probably averaged six days a year in Leeds over 20 years, and by the end I’d learnt to tolerate love the Yorkie accent.


So I feel like I know the place, though I’d never before seen these detachable arms that Premier League players will be wearing from 2020 to avoid VAR-spotted handballs.

Laporte first in the queue

But the bars are still a mystery to me.

Here’s a random extract from WhatPub;


Never heard of any of ’em. What’s wrong with proper pub names like Templar, Duck & Drake, the Roscoe and Friends of Ham ?

I’d never been to the Leeds City Museum, either, relying on the Art Gallery for culture.

Best of all, free

I love social history museums with ancient packets of custard and ration books.

Possibly recycling those ration books in event of a No Deal Brexit

It’s an entertaining hour in a proper lovely building.

Rare tiling not nicked from a pub

Best of all, there is loads on diversity but NOTHING on Dirty L**ds United FC. Perhaps there’s a display in Beeston’s library.

Not much coverage of pubs, either.  Perhaps the full Tetley display can be incorporated into the Wetherspoons Museum in Wolverhampton.

BOTTLED beer ! What evil is this ?

But there’s a little model reminder of what pubs used to be (and the Templar still is).

The Roscoe closed in 1983, a 1983 rather different to mine.

Yes, pubs used to look like this

Three pumps, all dispensing Tetley Bitter !

Even though he’s not real he’s still angry I’m taking his photo

There’s some other good stuff on pubs in our museums, but much of it is focused on pub signs and brewery history.

This little tribute to the Roscoe is a gem.

12 thoughts on “THE ROSCOE SMOKE ROOM

  1. With apologies to Reg Smeeton, it’s a little known fact that the real name of
    American silent movie comedian Fatty Arbuckle was Roscoe Arbuckle.

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  2. “and by the end I’d learnt to tolerate love the Yorkie accent”

    By saying ‘by the end’ are you saying your L**ds days are done? 😉

    “Never heard of any of ’em.”

    Most of them sound like speciality shops.

    “Best of all, free”

    I noticed that myself. 🙂

    “Possibly recycling those ration books in event of a No Deal Brexit”

    Surely stocking up on tinned goods would be a better idea? 😉

    “BOTTLED beer ! What evil is this ?”

    They only said that because the alliteration is better.

    “Yes, pubs used to look like this”

    Hopefully some still do.

    “This little tribute to the Roscoe is a gem.”



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    1. Would have love to have seen it, Ron. I recall a basic Tets house I used to stop at on my monthly walk back from Quarry Hill to the station, I suspect it was the Lamb & Flag before it went posh, or possibly the Palace.


      1. The Roscoe was also a proper Irish music pub. That is, the distinction between audience and muscians was quite vague. A really wonderful little pub.


  3. I have never heard of any of those pubs you listed either -leeds is very different from when I lived there -Occasonally visited Vine & 3 Legs ,Coburg but The Rosco was definitely a no no for middle class Yorkshire lass !

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