I made my way from Leeds City Museum to Wapentake via the Temple of Boom, where Matt was headed a few days later for a gig on the same day as Ed Sheeran would bring the city’s transport to a grinding halt. SPOILER : He survives.


If anyone has had a drink in the Temple Of Boom, please tell us about it.

The real Leeds, that is

At this stage I can exclusively reveal a Special Guest.

Despite being in the middle of a heavy week, BRAPA generously gave up his night in front of the Neighbours repeats in his Y-fronts with cans of Northern Monk and joined me in Wapentake to celebrate Richard Coldwell‘s life over a pint.


Si couldn’t be bothered to write this up on his blog, being a Night Off, so I didn’t take a picture of him either.

But despite not being nostalgic types (though Si misses Natalie Imbruglia now she’s left Neighbours. I think), we reminisced about our night out with Richard from here in 2017.

Weird hooks

Back then I’d thought Wapentake a bit “specialist” i.e. aimed at the 23-27 year olds.

Tonight it seemed like a pub.

Always a good sign

Luke of “Sowerby Bridge Luke” fame turned up as well, and we all had a pint of Nomadic’s Peeler, named for Richard’s stellar career.

Nicely done, Nomadic

Richard would have loved Peeler, a cool 6.1% gem. Well, it wasn’t going to be a 3.8% BBB, was it ?

Northern head

We had another pint, tried to get the nice people of Leeds CAMRA to disclose the GBG20 entries, and wished Richard was here to finally visit the Duncan.

Then we said goodnight.

7 thoughts on “THE PEELER

  1. RC took us to Wapantake the night he showed us around L**ds. He met a lot of people who knew him while we were in there and you could tell they really liked him. It was his type of pub. I wouldn’t call it a “pub” myself, but it was to RC. I really wish I had the chance to show him around Minneapolis. I think he would have loved the beer scene here. He really had an affinity for American tastes in beer and beer establishments. I still miss hitting his blog to see his latest post.

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    (looks down at the photo below)

    Ah, the police, not the stripper I see. 😉


    That face thingy looks… familiar.
    (no, not the Obama stuff on the left)

    “BRAPA generously gave up his night in front of the Neighbours repeats in his Y-fronts”

    How do you know he wears Y-fronts? 😉

    “to celebrate Richard Coldwell‘s life over a pint.”

    Well done you two.

    “Always a good sign”

    Blimey. Is that Bernie Sanders?

    “Nicely done, Nomadic”

    Indeed. I just realised the beer is in memory of him with £5 from each cask and EcoKeg sale donated to the charity Heart Watch. Well done them.


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  3. Re Northern Heads, I’m determined, one day, to find the courage to ask for a half litre.

    In response to the anticipated “we don’t sell half litres” I have prepared “I think that you’ll find that you do”.

    But the again, maybe my fighting days are over.


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