Simon went home to watch Neighbours on his VHS tapes, despite Luke and I telling him that round the corner Slocken was an absolute GBG cert. He said he’ll save it for September. Bet it’s not in now, despite having the best beer in Leeds on my two visits.

They also have pumps

Perhaps not a pub for the Trad Pub faction of the Beer & Pubs Forum, but it was selling buckets of cask.

Pub Life, 2019, Leeds

I’m sure we both had the Vocation Heart & Soul, you know, so it must be the light making these two pints look different. Or perhaps the second one pulled really IS different.

A mystery

Anyway, it was tremendous, a “Wow” moment I’d have loved to have shared with Dick and Dave to show them how cask can be in 2019.

As it was, Luke suggested we visit Vocation’s new beer exhibition in Assembly Underground, tucked in a basement among food stalls. They’re catching up with That Sheffield.

Modern Leeds

Now you’ll know how I feel about beer exhibitions.

Order by number
Oooh Cloudwater

Clearly the thing here is there’s fifty (50) beers, not 49. Or 1.

Six is plenty

Communal tables, more women than men, “Never Never” by the Assembly, folks carrying bao buns back and forth, a lovely Cloudwater IPA that made Luke go “HOW MUCH !” even though it wasn’t his round, and a cask Heart & Soul that wasn’t as good as in Slocken.

But it was packed and Mrs RM would love it.


7 thoughts on “HEART & SOUL

  1. “Anyway, it was tremendous, a “Wow” moment I’d have loved to have shared with Dick and Dave to show them how cask can be in 2019.” Make this happen in Leek! Or Colchester…


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