Part 2 (of 3) our pub bloggers conference in Yorkshire’s second city* or “Traincatching” as it came to be known.

With Wapentake whacked, a fierce debate ensued about the next stop. It really should have been the Duck & Drake, but we’d all been there.

Duck & Drake
Punk door

While in Wapentake I’d taken a look in the local CAMRA glossy to see what pubs might be Guide-bound next year.


Full Measure is a fine branch magazine.  For a start it kicks off with pub news, takes in places I’ve never heard of (Crossgates) and then goes on to publish NBSS scores for beers consumed by its members (see below). OK, beers consumed in London, but it’s a start.

Give him half a chance and he’s down in that London

I wasn’t allowed to ask Richard which pubs might be in the next edition of the GBG (I believe the bribes discounts haven’t been confirmed yet), but seeing the Brunswick is a recent Pub of the Month meant it was a good bet for Simon and me.

Leeds Brunswick.PNG

Anything that close to North Bar can’t be bad. The Brunswick is from the same mould, long and narrow and quirky.  Like Wapentake, beers from Leeds, with the Nomadic Tramp again very decent (NBSS 3). All the beer I had in Leeds was served at a decent temperature.

Richard checks for a Northern head
Yep, looks OK

Note the barman desperately ducking behind the bar to avoid BRAPA.

Duck mate !

It’s a shame there wasn’t a proper pub blogger there to record our conversations properly.  I suspect in the main we were owning up to weird Doom Bar fetish and arguing about possessive apostrophes.

My notes say “red fountain pen“, which I presume is Richard’s preferred writing implement rather than a ’90s indie track by Felt.

Anyway, a pub with proper seats and space for banter is OK with me.

Miraculously, the same was true of our next stop.

Dead Live Dead Pony Club

For some reason we popped in the Brew Dog Shuffledog, probably my fault.  I wanted to revisit the Live Dead Pony Club I’d enjoyed in Norwich.  But it was dead. In fact, if it had been in the Beer Guide we’d have been able to get it kicked out and become minor celebrities on Discourse.

I again enjoyed my awesome Brew Dog experience, though I couldn’t get the juke box (below) to work.

Should have put on “For Those About To Tick”

The shuffleboards downstairs were even busier than the upstairs bar.  I remember when you could get people into pubs just by offering them a choice of crisps, let alone shove ha’penny.

Live or dead, the “pours” were excellent.  Jet Black Stout and something in Latin.

Better than Guinness.  Fact !
Latin for “no straws in beer”

By this time it was past BRAPA bedtime and my last train was 30 minutes away, so we had to give PacMan a miss and head for our first trad pub of the night…

Never seen ET, never played PacMan



*After Hull.


  1. “Duck mate !”

    Too bad that didn’t take place in the Duck and Drake. 🙂

    “to see what pus might be Guide-bound next year.”

    Pus? (that’s a new one for me)

    “Latin for “no straws in beer””

    Nonsense. ‘Tis more like “the taste is the thing”.

    “Should have put on ‘For Those About To Tick’”

    Well done! Missed that the first time I read it. 🙂

    As for the, er, “jukebox”, that’s obvious. It’s AC/DC innit? That means in order to get a song to play you have to alternate between male/female requesters. Either that or be gender fluid. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am not and never will be in the same league as the three bloggers featured on this post,Martin.
    I can not get them done quick enough and make them look as good,probably due to lack of smart phone to take photos inside,which i have never done.

    I would like you to read my latest post,it is short and i would like if possible for you to have a go at what pubs are on it.

    Cheers Alan

    Liked by 1 person

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