A short post, purely for the puerile (and those who like pictures of thatched pubs).

As we head into the last week of July a raid into Dorset starts near Puddletown, noted for the famous protests against working conditions 200 years ago.

Less well known are the Piddletown Martyrs, a group of heroic pub tickers who campaign for more public loos and pissoirs on the route of Good Beer Guide pubs.

These days Piddletown is home to the Thimble, a country pub that was annoyingly closed a year ago when I was attempting to Do Dorset after End of the Road.

The running stream outside the pub is gorgeous but does nothing for my bladder.

It’s the start of school holidays, the sun is following me around, and everyone is outside in the huge garden, apart from a Dad with a huge stick waving in my direction. If he’s just snatched it off his toussle haired children he’s more dangerous with sticks than they are.

ANOTHER smart Palmers pub that’s cocked up the order for bench seating;

Do they REALLY believe folk in 2022 need a choice of five beers that no-one has ever heard of anyway.

Ugh !

Only just noticed the quotes written on the front of the bar !

But the staff are lovely, their menu has ox cheeks, and the Copper is a cool, foamy NBSS 3.5.

And the pub is heaving, outside if not in. A winner.

The gurgling stream reminds me to head back in for a second wee before I leave.


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