The Dorset Dawdle next takes us to Corfe Castle for TWO (2) newbie ticks. How is that possible ?

Oddly, the most famous Corfe pub, the one with THE view, isn’t one of them, either.

In 2022 you’ve a Guide choice of the British Legion, a smart hotel, and this little gem;

The Fox looks tiny on entry, almost Crown Posada thin, but goes back for miles and almost everyone is in the massive garden anyway.

The barman wears the “obligatory-in-posh” Dorset Camden Tee, so I have Butcombe.

Cool and chewy, it’s a 3.5, a nice place for Butcombe to be. Otis, Otis Redding sings, a chap with a hat tries to get out of my photo but fails.

I only really notice the garden just as I leave. Whole families of Prosecco drinking Londonista have been lost there.

It’s a great view, but the castle remains easier to admire than to capture on film.

The village is heaving, loads of European tourists, drawn by Mike Leigh’s “Nuts in May” no doubt.

I suspect most of them are staying in hotels like the Bankes Arms rather than camping on pig fields.

As usual, one pic does all the work here.

Well, two photos. I love seats at the bar that make it impossible for me to order a drink, don’t you ?

In the garden a nosey lady from Swanage quizzes me relentlessly on my accent, what we’re doing, where I’m staying, and on and on. I love that, and raise my Palmers (NBSS 3) glass to her in the nature of those dreadful CAMRA magazine photos where middle-aged men all say “Cheers”. I’ll never be like that.

And I’ll never get a great shot of Corfe Castle either.


  1. Was in both of those a few years ago. Got the steam train from Swanage, didn’t linger in the Bankes Arms but made up for it in the Fox. Lovely pub.

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