While I was out conquering chapters of the GBG in July, Mrs RM was in our new caravan in Rye Harbour tarting it up for letting out while we weren’t there. It’s the first step on the slippy road to capitalism, I guess.

On my return from Glamorgan we set off to New Romney’s giant Sainsbury to collect something vital for holiday lets. Whether a bottle of Prosecco, a dusty bin or a pillowcase is not important.

I’m looking forward to exploring Romney Marsh in Winter, but in summer I was restricted to an hour on New Romney’s workmanlike High Street. It really is the Sittingbourne of the South.

Some pleasing art just off the main drag,

including this statue which shows me carrying Baa Baa Toure to a difficult tick in Appledore.

Some pleasing old buildings here,

but you’ll want to see the brooms, I guess.

The barber has really made an effort with his sign, we felt.

More effort than we wanted to expend walking to the sea, so instead we opted to give the Cinque Ports (meaning : NBSS 5 in latin) a second try.

This had impressed on a day back in 2018 when New Romney had two (2) Guide entries. Neither the Cinque Ports or the micro lasted long in the GBG, possibly due to the difficulty I had in coming up with a witty blog title for them. Or possibly the introduction of GK IPA scuppered them.

But the beer here was as good as you can hope. AND you get an action shot of me actually buying an Abbot and the Romney house beer. Very few shots of the actual transaction exist on the web; certainly not with such a chubby hand.

Cool, frothy, tasty pints. The Abbot edged it 3.5 to 3+, but that’s only because it was Mrs RM’s pick.

4 years ago it was 6 pumps for 3 drinkers, but today at the Golden Hour (16:28) there was plenty of trade, much of it female and forming an orderly queue back to the door to order food and Chardonnay.

Who queues in pubs ? Particularly when the bar isn’t clogged with bar flies.

Who cares ? Apart from the high stools this felt like a community pub of the first order, and provided the fifth hearing of what seemed to have oddly become the Song of Summer.

8 thoughts on “NEW ROMNEY, NEW QUEUE

  1. Delightful reading as always. Loved your translation of the Latin 😁

    I agree that barbershop sign was first rate. I especially like how the “R”s are written.

    Would you say you’re seeing more women in pubs these days as a trend? Or has it remained much the same (or even declined) over the past decade or so?

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    1. I’m acutely aware that America hadn’t been discovered by us when Latin was around so I feel duty bound to offer translations, Mark.

      I think that older ladies (58 is old, I understand, higher in the USA) feel more comfortable visiting what would have been unlikely places to visit 20 years ago, as pubs are seen more as restaurants.

      And in larger cities like Manchester and Sheffield (e.g. in the Crow) you’ll see plenty of younger women drinking alone or with a female mate. Whicg is great.


    2. Surely you mean French, Mark? Cinque is the French word for five, and there were originally five ports in this medieval confederation of coastal towns. The later additions of Rye and Winchelsea extended the number of members to seven, but they stuck with the name “Cinque.”

      You won’t learn any of this history from Martin, btw!

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