Nearly three (3) months ago we were finally reacquainted with a portion of the Southworth clan as Joan and Dave made their first UK trio for three (3) years. No idea what held them up.

Worryingly, they seemed to have gone all hipster and craft since 2019.

So when we finally met up in Eastbourne, there was only one question on my mind.

Would Joan be ordering a Bud ?

Thankfully not.

We met at the Towner, one of the great art galleries of The South.

Inevitably we never got out of the cafe (great cakes) while Joan and Dave explored artists I’d never heard of.

Lovely view of the football (Sussex rules) pitches from the cafe.

2 hours of catch-up left 2 hours for a pint before curry.

Only one option really, even if it was a slog through the back streets to the Old Town.

Haven’t been to the Lamb for 20 years, when it was Mrs RM’s uncle’s local.

Everything about the Lamb is quality. Apart from my photos. I’ll go back and do it properly.

I reckoned Royal Oak level quality (3.5+) for the Sussex,

and NCapSS for the Southworth’s caps.

Ain’t they lovely ?

What I love about the Lamb is how pubby it is on a Summer Sunday. Space for roast eaters, but mainly drinkers, and loads of pints.

If BRAPA hasn’t been here yet, and I sense he has all of Sussex to conquer, he should seek out the well, which has a copy of the 1975 GBG at the bottom.

My meagre notes say “Ryan Johnson USA” and “Where does English Channel become Atlantic“, neither of which were answered over early evening curry at Ashoka (NCSS 3+), which reminded me I ought to do all the entries on Curryheute.

Or perhaps not.

7 thoughts on “BLESSED BE THE LAMB

  1. And to follow up on the notes: From its mouth in the North Atlantic Ocean—an arbitrary limit marked by a line between the Scilly Isles and the Isle of Ushant—its width gradually narrows from 112 miles (180 km) to a minimum of 21 miles, while its average depth decreases from 400 to 150 feet (120 to 45 metres).

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  2. “Everything about the Lamb is quality”.
    Yes, including the accommodation, two nights there last April being the only pub I’ve stayed in since Preston’s Sun three years ago.


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