“But Ben Hyde SAID there were trains back to Ashford”

From Waterbeach to On The Beach.

We headed down to Rye Harbour Clubhouse to enjoy a Saturday evening of burger and chips, John Smith Smooth,

and a 70s disco.

Never let it be said that Mrs RM doesn’t know how to live.

In the morning, we made the first of no doubt dozens of rail trips along the coast, to visit my 2019 Pub Man of the year (and the other one) in Eastbourne. More of them later.

Now, you know my views on buses. Avoid at all cost. But trains are great, particularly when you get fare dodgers at Wakefield or a group of teenagers from Ashford off to a rave on Brighton beach.

And so it was that our young heroes found to their significant cost that the last train back from Brighton left at 8pm that night,

meaning they’d miss their hero Andy C, who I now find out isn’t a ponytailed Reading striker.

Wow, last train at 8.. No point going” said Bloke 2

But Ben Hyde SAID there were trains back to Ashford” added his mate.

I suppose we’ll have to get a Travelodge in Brighton, we can all sleep in the one room“, said Bloke 2, who I suspected of The Long Con.

Yes, the knocking shop Travelodge at Preston Park, know it well.

There then followed a lengthy exchange between boy and girl and train guard which ended with the dispense of tickets from Brighton to Ashford via Victoria the next morning, and a request to stop at Preston Park Station especially for our four adventurers.

Aren’t train staff wonderful ?

But Ben Hyde SAID there were trains back to Ashford” were the last words I heard as we stepped off at Eastbourne.

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