I’ve been spending a fair bit of time “home” in Waterbeach recently. A man whizzing past on a bike shouted out “Congratulations on finishing the Beer Guide !” the other night (thanks Saimon), which cheered me up momentarily as I continue my come down from GBG completion (new one out in a week or so, what will I do ?).

Waterbeach remains uncomfortably flat compared to Sheffield, but as you’ll know it IS the centre of the craft world. Even the pharmacy has been rebranded as Pharmacie Cafe and offers Peroni in bottles.

But what of the Sun, GBG flag waver for the Fen Edge and one of the most consistent pubs for beer quality in the country ?

This was the selection in mid July;

Well, either those or one of those keg Laine beers from Brighton that still pop up.

Pineapple ! I like my beer to taste of beer !” says Mrs RM, so Black Sheep and the “Customer Favourite” it is, then. I’m a sucker for “Staff recommendation”, “Best Seller” and “Customer Favourite”, because I’m a sucker.

We took our usual table, to the right of the lounge bar, and tried to guess how much was in the charity bottle.

Never been a fan of Bath Gem, but this was great. Cool and rich, 3.5. I’d have had a second but two pints in ten minutes is bad the crispy beef and Singapore Rice was ready.

The Sun gets a regular turnover of cask, and not just from us Old Codgers. A group of young lads stood at the bar weighing up options before being seduced by a half of “Customer Favourite”. And a tray of shots.

Shame they stopped selling the Tactical Nuclear Penguin*, I’d have enjoyed seeing Mrs RM after a bottle of that.

*If indeed they ever did.


    1. We need a full inquiry into that. I think a discounted beer on “Special offer” is different to a “staff favourite” which in a craft bar might be the most expensive. It’s not a common sight in the Sun !


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