A lot of noise today about how much busier the UK is this week, but I haven’t noticed it here in Waterbeach.

Busy Fens scene
Possible Illuminati infiltration

I counted all of half a dozen people on my 59:30 minute walk, and none of them were queueing for Beach kebabs.

Beach Kebabs. An NKSS 3.5 van

I guess the return of our kebab van after a month way will make a bump in the Government transport stats tomorrow.

My last pint at The Sun was three months ago (Boltmaker, 3.5+).


It’ll be my first call when it’s safe to use pubs again. After ordering the crispy beef from Chung Hwa, of course.

The Lockdown is cruelly keeping us from the people and things we love;  I really felt for Duncan after reading about his beautiful post about his Dad last night.

I walked past my own parents’ house at 19:59 and felt relieved to see setting up their brass instruments to pay tribute to our carers, as they’ve been doing the last month.

Garden doing well, anyway

I haven’t been in THEIR house for six weeks, but at least I can stand at their gate and make sure they’re OK.

Judging by this socially distanced clip from tonight, they’re fine.

Count your blessings, folks.  And stay safe.

14 thoughts on “WATERBEACH, 8pm

  1. Thanks Martin. That is a lovely clip of your folks. It’s a good idea to make sound recordings, I only have the briefest audio clip of my Mum and would love to hear her voice again and her playing the piano. Your posts are documents of our time.

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    1. That, Duncan, is one of the most sensible comments I have seen in a long time.

      After hearing of dimwits trying to outdo each other whilst failing to socially distance themselves in the Thursday 20:00 NHS appreciation episode, it is heartwarming to see your parents doing something truly lovely.

      Is Chung Hwa currently closed then? I know they are allowed to be open, and use of food delivery services is positively encouraged by the government, however some seem to have decided that they can manage to do it safely, others haven’t. All comes down to the size of the kitchen and the number of staff they require I suppose. Even so many Grimsby takeaway establishments are open, I know that they won’t come close to the Bradford, London and Northern Quarter venues I so love, so I do not see the point. I should really try the new one I suppose.

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      1. I’m sceptical about some of these reports about gatherings and traffic, Tom. Mischief abounds.

        For info, the A10 from Cambridge to Kings Lynn virtually passes my house. It was completely empty an hour ago. Government stats talk about reductions of 80%.

        Sadly Chung Hwa closed, as are all other Cambridge takeaways I normally use.


  2. A lovely clip of your parents Martin, displaying their musical talents. It’s good that you’re nearby to keep an eye on them during these troubled times.

    Cherish these moments, because things can sometimes change in the blink of an eye. My mother sadly passed away, just over five years ago now, and with dad becoming increasingly crippled by Alzheimer’s, I’ve effectively lost both my parents.

    At the moment I can’t even visit him, as the care home where he resides, is understandably in lock-down. I’ve no doubt either that plod would take a pretty dim view if I attempted a drive up to Norfolk, even for compassionate reasons.

    It would be quite fun though, with the roads so quiet!


      1. I meant to ask you before about your two boys, Martin. You and Christine must really be missing them. Are they sharing a flat together?


      2. Thanks for asking, Paul, appreciate it.

        Both well. Eldest finishing Uni in Sheffield remotely from a central Sheffield room he hardly leaves. And youngest saw his embryonic barbering career in central Manchester halted but he’s hanging around up there with a “friend” in Salford to see if barbering resumes.

        Both are fit, active lads so like me struggling with being cooped up 😕

        How is your Matthew ? He seemed a very even tempered lad.


  3. Families being separated is one of the worst aspects of this lock-down, but glad to hear that James and your Matthew are doing OK. Being cooped up isn’t good either, particularly when you are living in a large city. Are there any parks close to where your boys live, where they can get outside and exercise?

    I saw on the news this evening, that Switzerland has allowed barbers and hairdressers to reopen; providing staff and customers wear face-masks. Perhaps the same will apply here, before too long.

    Our Matthew is doing OK thanks, although he’s probably driving his mother up the wall. Now that he’s got his own car, he can take Eileen shopping, but apart from that he’s not really making the best use of his time off work.

    I shouldn’t be too harsh on him, as I was probably the same at his age, but I am gently encouraging him to look at on-line courses that might help his career progress, when he does eventually return to work.

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    1. Don’t be too harsh, I know these circumstances make us lethargic and affect our motivations. But on-line learning is a excellent idea.

      NB Both my lads have parks close by but I think the big cities are a bit busier than Cambridge and Tonbridge and they both seem reluctant to brave the stairwells/doors/busy roads too much.

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