Moving seamlessly from Waterbeach to Seamer Road and the Yorkshire Riviera.


3 trips to Scarborough over recent years, enough to place it firmly in my Top 17 UK towns, even without a Chinese takeaway recommendation.

Oooh, bridges

I doubt accommodation will be a problem, apart from the week Boycott comes to open the batting for Yorkshire with a stick of rhubarb.


But do you stay at the central Riviera,


or the Almar, in the northern suburbs ?


Always the Almar.  Less chance of your bed slipping into the sea at night and  easier to get back after a night at the North Riding.

And the post fry-up walk along the cliffs is half the fun of a Scarbs overnighter.

Spring walk
Could be in Capri

Sadly, my recent posts about the town all appear to be about the pubs, which will disappoint readers hoping for frozen chip art, Methodist chapels and locksmiths.

Proper shops

But the pubs are great. Even the small ones.

Stumble Inn (top)

Riviera life

I enjoyed a Neepsend Stout (NBSS 3), but the ale seemed a bit secondary to an atmosphere generated by après–shopping locals and Hot Chocolate on the cunningly named Radio Scarborough.”

Pub life

Are ya member of that CAMRA ?”   I could be, if you want.

There’s a discount”    I was then.  5p is 5p.

Borough Council Employees Welfare Club

Who needs a Sam Smiths when you’ve got the Council offering cheap North Riding beer to the accompaniment of darts and cricket chat.

“The banter is all about formats, and the Hundred, and what Boycott would make of it. I throw in my two penn’orth, imagining Boycs and Tavare opening in a T20 for England.”

Is that Newcy Brown ?

Tap & Spile

Nice sign

Step back in time to a world of Firkins, Tap & Spiles, Tut & Shives, John Major as PM and Old Peculiar as the best-selling beer.

1997 and all that

Would have been great when it was busy.  In say, ooh, 2006.


Hole in the Wall

Be careful leaving the pub if  drunk

The HOTW WAS busy, mainly students drawn by the cutting edge Butcombe seasonal. I think.

NOT Pride, but probsbly drinking well


Inviting entrance

The backstreet music pub. If you think that’s Dylan on the left, you’re wrong.


“Don’t judge me harshly, but “In the Air Tonight” was playing and I had to wait for the drum roll. Up until then, I thought it was “Biko“, which is worrying me.” 

If you’re doing all these pubs it’ll be time for fish and chips at Rennards near the Spoons.

I had scampi to annoy Richard Coldwell

Which leaves your nightcap

The North Riding

It’s actually a legal requirement to end in the North Riding.  If you’re capable of walking past the open  door you have so soul, and probably drink at home.

Pub.  Remember them

I wrote;

This is a pub, not a tickers’ convention, and there was plenty of Stowford and lager as well.

The atmosphere is somewhere between the Dove in Bury St Edmunds and  No.1 Pub  in Cleethorpes, with a bit of craft keg poured into the mix.”

I’ve been twice. Both times the beer was a 4.5, but it wasn’t even the reason you go.

How much you missing pubs like this ?



17 thoughts on “SCARBOROUGH FAYRE

  1. “3 trips to Scarborough over recent years” – and it’s t’only place that’s had 3 trips of several hundred members for the annual AGM.
    There’s three pubs you’ve featured there I’m familiar with.
    But what about Humphrey’s Golden Ball ?

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  2. I know Scarboro ‘very well but not been drinking there for many years (over 40? ! ) very different then !! -remember playing football on the beach after closing time -3pm -& being on the receiving end of a vicious tackle which floored me -I would love to go back as I know there are some splendid drinking establishments !


      1. bet he was wearing flares too -think it was the one & only time I played football too -& on another note my first weekend away with my future husband but that is another story ! !

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  3. I’d agree Scarborough is a good pub town, and the Golden Ball is a must-visit. A rare combination of significant historic town and major seaside resort. Weymouth and Hastings are a couple of others that spring to mind in the same category.

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