It was a struggle to leave the No.2 Refreshment Rooms, so being chased out of the ladies loos was probably a blessing in disguise.

I can’t imagine what goes on in the ladies in the No.1 Pub, a wearying 20 seconds Stomp away (see what I did there Dave ?).

The No.1, Cleethorpes

The No.1 wasn’t great when I visited in 2010, but of course a certain beer will guarantee a return visit from me.  I’m sure you can spot it below;


The Draught Bass (NBSS 3) was a classic northern pint, slipping down much too quickly. Quite creamy, much in the style of the Wetherspoons earlier. Pub Curmudgeon described “the long pull” effect in a comment on the last post, and that seemed evident here too. I can’t imagine drinking this in halves. Or the Batemans.

The pub is another cracker. The main bar was full of folk enjoying a ’70s night, and the (very decent) singer was working the room.  She’s hiding underneath the red lamps below.

Tom Irvin not pictured

Last time here it was full of Grimsby Town fans; I’m not sure what was scarier.  It felt like karaoke night at our local village Social Club, and you can draw what you like from that.

Realising our star wasn’t going to be accepting requests to sing Fleet Foxes standards, I edged round into the other bar, where the Real Ale Corner was hidden.


You could see your feet, but all the table were taken here too.  It really was bouncing, and if real ale was making up a tiny percentage of sales, it scarcely mattered.

Simon would have loved it.  Blokes dissing their father-in-laws, flicking soggy Worthington beer mats, a drunk Carling drinker (is there any other type) giving his age;

I’m thirty-two, three, seven


We just don’t have pubs like this in Cambridge (or London), certainly not in the Beer Guide. And Cleethorpes has two of them side-by-side.

Hit the North, as someone once said.

Now I’m “Getting’ to the Good Part“, but you’ll have to wait till tonight for that as I have to get to a pub that promises it’s open all day but I bet will close at 3pm, once the diners leave.


  1. Dave is correct. You really make Cleethorpes sound like a must visit. I agree with the “hit the north” comment.

    Will Tom appear in a picture?

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      1. I have always tried to drink real ale but have never bothered what others want to drink and hope i am not included in a real ale type.
        I would be interested as to what Harveys drinkers do,i have only done a few of them and found them decent pubs with decent drinkers in them.

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      2. I was commenting more on what happens in excess than the drink used to get there. I have no opinion on what people choose to drink. I see no difference in behavior based on drink type. I was commenting more on the atmosphere and behavior in pubs which I like more than in bars. Especially on this side of the ocean.

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      3. Carling drinkers do, by observation, drink more than the real ale type. The amount of real drunkenness I can recall in pubs over the years can be counted on one hand, and half of that would be me.

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      4. Don’t take what I put too seriously – I’m quite a friendly Carling drinker who was having a bit of fun. Like you, I don’t care what people drink, just as long as they behave in a civil manner…ideally in pubs!

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      5. Having had pints with you I can’t really see you at all out of hand. I have only seen excessive consumption once or twice in an English pub. And it was in no way threatening. (Mudgie was on hand once to help quell the offender:). Just kidding. This incident was pretty mild and funny.) Nothing like what I have experienced here. Then again the GBG keeps me pretty safe I think.

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