As I said at the start of this blog, its main purpose is to lets Mrs RM know where I am when she can’t be bothered to look at the calendar.  And to reach an uneasy peace on the use of possessive apostrophes, of course.

But I would also be thrilled if I could persuade a few folk like Dick & Dave from the States to visit our less heralded towns, rather than Norwich and Maidenhead.

And my final pub in Cleethorpes should convince them to take the slow train (via Newark) to the Humber.


Simply, the Nottingham House is a drinkers pub of the highest order.


I’m guessing a lot of holiday makers from the Midlands occupy this place from April to September, and locals wanting a proper pub take up residence all year round.

Just look at that proper seating, those Tetley hand-pumps, the dark wood, the attention to detail.  In the absence of a central Sam Smiths house*, this is as good as Cleethorpes gets.


I was trying to come up with a comparator, and the Roscoe Head sprang to mind.  An immaculate three-roomer, bustling but with proper seating for everyone, with a good range of beers but nothing to scare the locals (I don’t think that Stonehenge beer is the green one).

To be fair, the WhatPub description is all you need, but you have to experience this rather than have it described to you.

Excitement mounts as Coleman gets hacked

It’s not genteel, but is a sharp contrast to the Spoons, the keg bars and the two railway pubs.  Nearly everyone is seated for a start, with lively conversation overpowering the Ireland v Wales game on the TV, even when Neil Taylor lost the plot.

There was more cask poured here than I’ve seen in a while, so on a Friday night you were guaranteed a decent pint.  I went for the Tetley, in the way you’d go for Bass in the Coopers Tavern.  Better than I’ve had in years (NBSS 3.5), though as Mr Coldwell will no doubt tell you, not what it was.

The Nottingham was so cosy, I stayed for another half.  The barmaid asked if I wanted another Tetley. Pubs where they remember what a stranger had are a rarity these days, and that summed up the pub perfectly.  I had the Landlord, another NBSS 3.5.


I didn’t take notes, but the conversation was pleasant and unremarkable, except to those of us who treasure the everyday.

I regretted that extra half in the morning. And the sweet and pork Hong Kong style from Golden City.  But they were both worth the pain.


* Rob from the Isle of Axholme kindly reminds me there is a Sam’s; the Crow’s Nest is tucked away in the back streets. I’d be interested to know what holiday custom it gets.


  1. I was guessing the Nottingham was the one! And they have rooms…. What a great looking pub. There is no question you have enhanced our search for out of the way places. I do a lot of looking and Cleethorpes had eluded me until these posts. My opinion is Lincolnshire is underrated; Batemans is a hidden gem.


  2. As a side note, and hoping we don’t slight anyone, Norwich is a place we visited, but I am not really rushing back there. I did not find the pubs to be as interesting as some other places. Beer choice is not the end all. It was also one of the few places where we visited pubs that did not make us feel welcome. You don’t get that sense in Stockport.

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    1. I agree with Dave on Norwich. I am glad to have been there, but there is no real pub/ale reason to return. Thinking back on Norwich, we had very little, if any, conversation with other people, which is uncommon for us. I believe you have planted a seed for Cleethorpes. I expect to receive an email tomorrow with an itinerary which includes Cleethorpes and Louth.

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      1. Some folk might wonder if that was an April Fool’s comment Dick. Norwich is certainly the home of the handpump counter, competing on quantity rather than quality.

        That said, there’s some good beer just north of the Wensum, but pubs lack the variety of custom of a Cleethorpes or Nuneaton.

        Another North Lincs tempter coming up !


      2. I admit that I would love to have Norwich right down the road from where I live. Or even live in, which would be several steps up. It is all relative,

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      3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous city, it really is. Plasterers one my favourites and the pubs “look” the part. Just that it puts quantity before quality and we won’t have that on this blog !


      4. Oh, you and Dave may be interested to hear I’ve had two beers I’ve scored 4.5 in successive days. One I’m drinking now Oakham Citra, the other Pedigree. It’s a miracle.


      5. Norwich is a beautiful city.

        4.5 on consecutive days is amazing.

        Didn’t you score one a 5 recently, or are my eyes deceiving me? You are on a good run.


  3. The Notts is the best pub in Cleethorpes. I very much suspect it is the best pub in Lincolnshire. Indeed, the town itself has steadily improved the past few years, unlike its derelict former industrial neighbour.

    The Chinese took some working out. I’ve never used it. I might in future.

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  4. Went to the Smith’s pub after visiting that Ember Inn that has now dropped out. Locals only, tidy estate pub like the ones up in Redcar. The revelation was discovering the upmarket area of Grimsby. I’m hoping I will get an away day at Blundell Park next season but its touch and go.


    1. I’ve only been to an Ember and a Spoons in Redcar ! Hope to get to go to a scary pub there one day.

      You’re right about upmarket Grimsby, though both my posh former boss (and Patricia Hodge) were born there, of course. The A16 south of Grim had 3 Embers in GBG in recent years including Waltham.

      I hope Tranmere avoid play-off heartbreak too, saw Cambridge lose in successive seasons. Not over yet for title.


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