No, that’s not a comment on today’s events. Just a sample of the breweriana in lovely Scarborough‘s second new Guide entry.

At least, this was my first time in the Tap & Spile, one of the last survivors of a once mighty chain.

History is here

Actually, it wasn’t, was it ? In fact I’m struggling to remember many Tap & Spiles from their mid-90s heyday.

Durham, Bangor and Morpeth are still clinging on, which says something of the resilience of the North in preserving pub history and Proper Pub Names.


This Tap is a little out of the centre, surrounded by 38 Chinese takeaways, always a bonus.

A classic two-roomer, one being entirely empty since 2007.

Great seating
Uncontroversial wall art here
Not the Combermere

I recall the Taps being a real ale paradise in their heyday, but today you get a choice of 3. Same number as the customers, of course. Shame the Landlord didn’t reach that NBSS score. img_20190703_20022948355083391095931.jpg

As I seem to be saying every post, great staff.

“Cheers honey!”

Not sure if that exuberance had any connection with this:


Anyway, if she was bored she hid it well. I suppose at least she gets to choose the music (Vampire Weekend) and admire the memorabilia from the immortal election of May 97.


No. I’ve no idea who brewed them. Probably Archers.

22 thoughts on “1997 AND ALL THAT

  1. Did you know, that koumpounophobia – the fear of buttons – is a surprisingly common phobia? Sufferers frequently report being repulsed by the sight of buttons, even on other people, and being unable to wear clothing with them.

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    1. The Tap & Spiles I’ve used most recently were in Bangor and Birmingham.
      Most now have other names such as the Tap Steakhouse in Stafford, Duke of York in Wolverhampton and Pretty Bricks in Walsall.

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      1. Yes, Birmingham one by the canal is still using that name but it looked more of a restaurant than a pub last time I was in.

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      1. I remember the Conservatives “Demon Eyes” poster but I don’t remember any Greene King politics beers.


  2. There was a radio programme on the BBC two weeks ago about why young people are moving away from Scarborough and other small towns in Yorkshire. Shame, because Scarborough isn’t half bad. Decent size, good pubs and relatively well connected to the rest of the country.

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      1. I admit that there are other and maybe more important things in life than pubs, but a good selection of traditional pubs with fair prices would be a good argument to me for staying in any town.

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      2. Morten,
        It’s an odd idea but “maybe more important things in life than pubs” is what many youngsters are thinking nowadays.

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