Sheffield Hatter, the well-dressed one on the Old Codgers Day Trips to Pubs,

Sheffield Hatter still ignoring me in Buxton

has added my blog to the venerable Pubs Galore ; as a thanks to Hatter, here’s highlights from Luton.

An hour from Cambridge, unless you use the train (see also: Milton Keynes)

East-West rail travel banned

Most American visitors come here for the architectural beauty;

NOT Lego
Proper town hall

While English tourism is reserved for the shiny sports stadium on the A505.


The Hatters are still trying to move to a flashy ground near the station, a rare example of a new build in the town centre if it happens.

Kenilworth Road will be missed by the purist.

Proper football
luton town
Typical review of KR
I saw Citeh there

Luton actually has some decent hills on its doorstep, but Sheffield Hatter was clearly forced to head north for proper beer.

The town’s most famous pub is this keg wonder, named for the visit of Monet and Klimt to paint the town’s motor works in 1930.

Pub tiling porn
You could be in Verulanium

“You must never jump to conclusions, but the Painters Arms is your archetypal Irish pub, an increasingly rare survivor in Hightown. Racing from Punchestown, and betting slips, rather than “Beer in Beds“, are the giveaways. That and the six minutes taken to pour the Guinness.”

Northern head


Just out of Hightown, the only new Guide entry recently was this one room, one pump stunner.

Easy tomiss

“It’s just a basic pub, serving the best Tribute outside of Gweek (NBSS 3.5) for a bargain £2.80. Well done South Beds CAMRA for selecting on beer quality not range.” I wrote of the Great Northern.

One beer is plenty, sometimes more than enough
Bench seating heaven

English towns need cultural quarters, but they also need basic pubs like this where folk (OK, old blokes) can go and drink beer and eat Tayto crisps without needing to overhear conversations about condiments and dinosaur twizzlers.”

Spoons apart, the only Guide entries are the venerable Black Horse and longstanding Bricklayers Arms, home to cutting-edge JHB and Westons cider.  Classic. Ish.

Bricklayers your drinkers pub

Sadly, the English Rose had closed again, even before lockdown. This is where 1950’s celebrity Diana Dors “courted”, then wed, the landlord’s son. But you knew that.

Goodbye, English Rose

Don’t go to Luton for beer, DO go to the Arndale for Jamican patties and Dunstable Road for curry.

A One Dosa is A1. No, the Rubicon isn’t murky grapefruit DIPA.


9 thoughts on “LET’S CELEBRATE…..LUTON

  1. Thanks for reminding me what I’m missing. I like the Great Northern – last time I was there (February 12 for the game against the Owls) they had Tring Side Pocket for a Toad, which was in very good nick – I think Tribute was also on.

    I was told that the landlord of the English Rose (Stan, I think his name was – a man in his 70s) was in effect working for nothing. His old age pension was what was keeping the pub open. So he asked for a rent review and when they refused he just handed the keys in. End of pub.

    The Painters had a real ale on when I was there in September of last year, but they’re not going to get many drifting up from the Bricklayers, even when it’s rammed there on match days. Shame, because it’s a lovely old pub.

    If the new stadium ever gets built it will help to revive the town centre, I am sure. It’s just a matter of what sort of shape the club is in when this Covid-19 stuff is over. They’ve torn up the manager’s contract (by “amicable” negotiation) in an attempt to save money. Strange days indeed.


    1. Thanks for info.

      Yes, WhatPub says Tring beer added at Gt Northern and a handpump at the Painters.

      I did like the Rose, met some Halifax fans in there on way to football, but never busy.


      1. Ah, is that what a “hoo” is?

        I know what a hoo-hah is though, and always wondered what dropping half of it would signify.

        Liked by 1 person

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