Firstly, the bad news.  Still no new Good Beer Guide, coming up to two weeks after expected delivery.  Counselling services in Paisley, York and Cambridge have been overwhelmed by demand.

So no new ticks since I ended that mammoth day on the Dorset coast at micro pub number seven, but frankly I needed a break before End of the Road’s Beavertent.

Now I know most people read this stuff for my deep political insight and views on technical brewing faults, but occasionally I like to veer into straight-up tourism. And if Duncan can write (beautifully) about cake in Worcester, I can ramble on about the culinary delights of a proper tourist honeypot.


Last Thursday I volunteered to pick up our neighbour’s teenage son on his flight back from Katowice with Wizz Air, and you never pass up an opportunity to revisit the most attractive large town in South Bedfordshire, do you ?

Luton changes little, despite the roadworks that have become an art installation in their own right.

I like your style, “Hotel”

No new pubs for years, and now even the English Rose has gone (RIP).  It was very quiet but the banter was always very, er, diverse.

As I noted in Aldershot, the diversity of the population is a factor in the town centre being more colourful and vibrant than, say, Maidenhead would be at 2pm on Thursday.

Anyway, tourist highlights.

Town Hall
Random tiling, possibly Greggs
Church of Brutalism

I walked randomly, hoping to find a curry café to the north of town, but got distracted by a chap walking as fast as I was along  the new busway to Dunstable, so I followed him.

I emerged from the fumes of the A505 at Kenilworth Road. the ground I first saw a Manchester City team who had just finished second in the League, nine points above United (before they bought success years later).

See the source image

I like the fact that the ground has been left untouched since my first visit. Including the Bobbers seats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re unsure about your football, here’s a review of Luton Town from Bing Maps that will tell you all you need.

luton town

A One Dosa looked a great stop for a late lunch, and so it turned out.  Starter, giant dosa and craft soda for £7.

Future micro pub
Light snack

The Masala Dosa reminded me of the family naans in Balti Towers in Burton, though perhaps with 3,500 less calories.

Don’t go to Luton for beer, go to Dunstable Road for curry.

Anyway, too full to even try the beer for you in the giant Spoons with the fake heater in the centre.  But I know you like pictures of exciting beer ranges, so here goes;

It’s Doomed

Oh, and Luton Airport is still a hideous dump.

18 thoughts on “BEERLESS IN LUTON

  1. The “Red Racer” seems to be a very popular collaboration ale in ‘Spoons. Brewed by a Canadian in the Wolverhampton beer factory. No idea if he attends in person, supervises via Skype or simply faxes a recipe across ?
    Having said that, it tasted cool, nice and fruity (NBBS 3.75) in my local branch yesterday. .

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      1. Not cool, nice and fruity today, as it went after my first pint. However, that last pint was pretty good !
        Replaced by Exmoor Gold. Very tasty – NBSS 3.95. That won’t last very long, Quite a number of ale drinkers seemed to appear out of the woodwork as the pump clip was produced, and as a gorgeous hoppy pint was dispensed.


      2. “The William Morris” at Cowley, which is a suburb of Oxford.

        It is a converted underground car park at a 1960’s shopping centre, and is typical of a downmarket ‘Spoons branch. However, the ale is consistently good and cheap. Guest ales £1.99 per pint, with no surcharges for “Premium” or “Super Premium” ales. This is far and away the cheapest ale in Oxford, with even the two city centre ‘Spoons charging 60 pence per pint more for guest ales.

        it won’t trouble you. I don’t think that Oxford CAMRA have ever put a ‘Spoons branch in the Guide.

        Actually, does the GBG exist anymore or is the rumour correct that it has ceased to be published ?

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  2. Nowt to do with beer or pubs but interesting that if you apply the current points/win to the bottom of that league, the relegated sides are quite different (City still 2nd to L’pool, though).

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  3. It should be noted Birmingham finished a non too shabby 13th that season…with a forward line of Kenny Burns Bob Latchford Trevor Francis and possibly Bob Hatton plus Howard Kendall in midfield…what I’d give for a team like that now…Luton was bizarrely one of my favourite grounds as always seemed to get a result there…not a place to rush back to for a drink

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  4. ” like your style, “Hotel””

    Since it’s the Icon Hotel I guess they figured along with the word ‘hotel’ the building itself is the icon. 😉

    “Town Hall”

    Obviously taking after the Icon Hotel with minimum signage. 🙂

    “here’s a review of Luton Town from Bing Maps that will tell you all you need.”

    I think their autocorrect was working overtime.

    “Future micro pub”

    It’s even got one of those funny seats right outside.

    “It’s Doomed”

    It’s also a bit scary that I’m starting to recognise most to them. 🙂


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