Katowice is a big Polish city, perhaps the equivalent of Nottingham in influence, but Middlesbrough in looks. Sadly I didn’t get enough time to compare the emerging micropub scenes.

In fact the only beer I saw in Katowice was in a couple of first-rate museums, an area where the city excels, along with modern architecture.

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Next to the flying saucer of Spodek, on the site of an old coal mine is the Silesian museum.

Free admission on Tuesday to see some enterprising art and social history displays, dominated by the 20th century history walk-through with its classic student bedroom displays (top) and Solidarity exhibition.


The beer in the café here was a bit mainstream, but on the edge of town the Guido Mine provided not only the deepest pub in Europe (320 metres), but also some interesting looking bottles.  Limited brewery information, but my best guess is nearby Majer. This is a slick operation every bit as good as The Big Pit or Beamish.

One of those going to the winner of my New Years Eve quiz.

320 Metres

I’d love to tell you the beer tastes better 320 metres under, but I struggled with the on-site bottle opener.

Image result for guido mine


  1. I am intrigued by what I presume is a former triangular junction on the tramway. The rails on the dead curve seem to have a little shine on them, I wonder whether they are used as a turnback perhaps for football specials. If so, however, it would be a highly unusual layout with crossovers behind the photographer. Research is required on this matter I feel.

    I was going to post a direct comment, but I feel a bonus quiz is in order. Upon seeing the photograph of the ‘flying saucer’, I instinctively began chanting to myself in an empty room. What was the chant?

    For the picture of the drink, I’m a little unsteady but I’m going wine. The yellow wrap around the neck makes it look like a corked bottle. When I am wrong I expect I will receive a heavy penalty.


    1. How we’ve missed you Tom. Are you a bit overexcited since Simon’s nearly visit to the Humber on Boxing Day ?

      You were chanting “Let’s all chant (ooh ooh)”,one of the few classic from 1978 not played at the Polish disco.


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