14th February 2020

Back home, where Mrs RM is working on a huge IT project that makes 5G look like the installation of Supercalc at the village social club (they’re not really that advanced).

I fancied a proper pint in a Proper Pub, and with Storm Derek on her way that meant the local.


Victory over Tiverton women

I don’t recognise any of those folk from Waterbeach past, but I do just about remember the Tolly signage that lasted into the 90s.

The City european ban (stuff em) had just been announced and I couldn’t face the interminable football debate in the public bar, so I took the best seat in the lounge, which only gets the regulars in at 6pm.

Actual light, oddly

I know the Landlord and Landlady well enough to exchange more than “Hello” but less than an interrogation.


A few words on storms, holidays and a guest keg from Laine Brewery while a pint of Boltmaker was poured. A lovely, foamy pint, enjoyed reading the local CAMRA magazine in proper seats where your feet touch the floor.

It was great.

Mrs RM asked for a Chinese takeaway from Chung Hwa (crispy beef, squid, Singapore rice) which I ordered on my phone without fear of abuse.

Scum a good sign

So I stayed for another, even better (3.5+). As I’ve noted before, the Sun sells a lot of cask.

Half an hour after I came in I was out, 2 pints up and ready for the worst (actually it’s a great Chinese).

As others have remarked this week, not everyone goes to the pub for banter.

18 thoughts on “A QUIET PINT IN THE SUN

    1. Where DO you live? Thought it was just outside of Maidstone.

      I always feel guilty I don’t use the Sun more often, probably once or twice a month as I’m rarely at home.

      If it was a pub I visited anywhere in the country I’d rate it highly.


      1. I live about mile & a half from Maidstone -nearest pubs are a Beefeater & a Marstons family pub which is awful.Our Chinese closed.Rest of pubs are in town centre & I am almost ashamed to say,my favourite is the Society Rooms (Spoons ) None are close enough to be considered a “Local “


    2. Yes he is, Pauline.

      We live in quite a lively area with a several pubs and restaurants, but nothing like that.

      We’re right by the park too, which means that the pubs are also kennels clubs most days too – not really relaxing.

      We really could do with a chippy what’s more.

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      1. I am a Northerner in exile in Kent -our chippy does not come up to scratch as it cooks in oil & not best dripping so we don’t indulge very often which is just as well I suppose (we are tight wads too & it is rather pricey ! )

        Liked by 1 person

      1. In a mobility scooter?

        The ability to drink a bar dry of your tipple of choice and then doze off at the bar whilst listening to a Polish Slayer clone bash away is an under-rated talent.


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