The August highlights package (prescribed by law) comes late, but at least I’ve got the Google Maps travel summary to share with you.


A month of exhausting travel saw Wales and England conquered, just like in 1066 or whenever it was. History was never my strong point.

Clearly the highlight of any month is meeting The Great Pubmeister, as I did in Haverfordwest on the Great Welsh Completion.

Here’s Duncan enjoying his CTM and Doom Bar Special in Spoons; Duncan loves his Spoons.

The other notable companions on the road were Mrs RM, who’s always wanted to get attacked by sheep on North Uist, and Baa Baa Toure, who scattered the sheep with a menacing “Outatheway ! GBG tick ahead“.

The Westford at Claddach Kirkibost was as good as I could hope; homely, chatty and with great beer. I reckon joint pub of the month with the Applecross, another signature tick in a beautiful part of the Highlands.

Scotland was stunning, and welcoming (especially the wonderfully flexible CalMac ferry folk).

We’ll be back in Scotland on hopefully the last leg of the Great Adventure as soon as the little family issues I mentioned are resolved, but I’m really taking nothing for granted at this stage.

A mere 10 hours from Sheffield, Orkney awaits.


      1. Gills Bay to St Margaret Hope is the route we took – shorter than Scabster – Stromness. Then an easy drive into Kirkwall, where three GBG pubs are quite literally next door to each other, and the other two are within two minutes walk. The of course there is Rousey….


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