SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN (Too young to get married) (as you might ruin my Sligachan GBG tick)

Am I allowed to reference Chuck Berry in 2022 ?

Anyhow, sticking rigidly to the Scottish Tickathon, here’s the sixth tick of the final twenty-two, which by my maths makes that a Sweet Sixteen to go*.

Big thank you to Cal Mac (Calvin MacDonald, who built the first oracle to take tickers across the sea to Uist) for letting us on the ferry from Tarbert to Uig early, meaning I could sneak in a couple of ticks on Skye on Sunday (and not have to wake Mrs RM at 05:00 on Monday).

These guys on the boat are great. They deserve more money.

Skye looked great on the approach; here’s Mrs RM singing THE song.

It was 24 years since we’d last been on Skye and I didn’t remember it being so mountainous, colourful or populated (or expensive; only rooms over £200).

This is a picture of the bridge at Sligachan I couldn’t take myself as I was driving, so Massimo gets the credit.

There were a lot of photographers at the GBG Hotel, too, and folk in fancy frocks and kilts.

Oh. Private Party, that’s worrying.

Luckily, only in the function room, so I joined another bloke “just wanting a tick beer” in the lounge bar. Actually, I sneaked in when the receptionist wasn’t looking and beat slow bloke.

What is it with old people and check shirts ?

Three minutes wait seems like 30 when you’re On a Mission to Tick, and I had the extra stress of “No Cask”, so had a bottle from the on-site brewery, which is probably more real than the real ale.

And that was that. Wish I could make it more exciting, but it’s a hotel bar. With a wedding. Which won’t last.

*Anyone know any songs with 15 in the title ? Must be a Half Man Half Biscuit track about the new A14.

22 thoughts on “SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN (Too young to get married) (as you might ruin my Sligachan GBG tick)

  1. 16! At this stage if all they had available was tap water it counts as a tick, and a very nice tick at that!

    Somehow seems fitting that among these last few you’re having to board boats and so forth. Is there one you’ll have to reach by hot air balloon?😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all ferries and causeways and long walks now, Mark ! As Scott says we’ve moved beyond hot air balloons here, some bloked called Wright has invented a flying machine called a plane, whatever that is.


  2. You remind my of the brilliant Your Cheatin’ Heart by John Byrne, and the line (something like) “…fifteen years he’s been playing the guitar and he still disnae know the chords to Sweet Little Sixteen”

    Happy days.

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    1. Clearly, Will, I nipped into the wedding reception and took the pint of Red from the bride’s lips just as she was flashing the garter. It’s all shown on the video (only available to Patronised readers).

      Incidentally, there is high drama at the Crown Hotel in Stornoway where there are two separate bars, a public and a restaurant, both serving cask. Surely separate entries required. These things keep some folk, but probably not you and me, awake at night.


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