Two (2) weeks ago I completed Wales AND England and suddenly only had 22 to complete the Beer Guide and follow in the shadow of the Pubmeister.

Twenty two ? Piece of ****, surely ?

Well, first I had what we’ll call family drama, meaning a week spent at “home”, and then this week the campervan was detained in Bristol Street Motors in Sheffield for crimes against motoring. It’s always Bristol, isn’t it.

So we didn’t get away till 13:15 today,

and with rabid 1975 fans attending Leeds festival and the inevitable hold-ups on the A66, it was eight (8) hours before we arrived in Fort William. Sadly, we’d had posh Waitrose sandwiches at Gretna, our sole stop, so didn’t need (not Lou) Macari’s haggis.

The Ben Nevis Bar felt so good, even though it was frankly rubbish.

The joy of a first tick in 2 weeks is something beer twitter will NEVER understand, just as they will never appreciate the drama of a Spaniard attempting to pay for whisky on a credit card that doesn’t work.

So, down to 21, with more to follow, and a MAJOR tick planned for tomorrow.

If it’s closed, I shall cry.

25 thoughts on “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – 22 BECOMES 21

  1. 21! You’re so close now I’m getting giddy just thinking of it. At this stage it doesn’t even matter if they’re all c****y pubs and you’re running for the potted plants at every one of them— the goal is in sight!! We’re all cheering you on, Martin; here’s hoping they all fall before your highlighting marker, one after another.

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  2. Damn those ‘rabid 1975 fans’! I’ve got my Reading day ticket only for Rage Against the Machine to pull out. 1975 as a replacement…bah! Not much else I want to see – I’ll be the strange old bloke frowning at Bad Boy Chiller Crew.
    Refocusing on the rest of this post – good luck with the final 21.
    It’s reaching an epic conclusion!

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      1. Good advice.

        I once went to a pub near Bath on 9 September (week after new GBG out) that had already switched to winter hours with no lunchtime opening.

        How was the Taversoe ? You’re the only person I know who’s been.


      2. Immaculate but very quiet. We were the only people in on a Sunday afternoon, but they had had some lunchtime trade.


  3. The Taversoe was closed for a week when we were there last September! We were on bikes too, missed the planned ferry home and there wasn’t a thing open on the island!

    Good luck with the last few ticks Martin. Looking forward to the Good Chinese Take Away tickathon write ups commencing!

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