“How do you spell Madrars ?”

I’m still blogging from last weeks Wiltshire Wander, an eternity ago now, so expect to see newspaper headlines about fuel shortages and how fashionable mild ale is.

Last Wednesday I left Mrs RM to enjoy the Bear’s WiFi and set out in search of tea and a pint of Wadworth’s. This chap pointed the way;

As the landing point for that first Arc, there’s lots of animals in Devizes; Dolphins, Pelicans, Swans and two Bears. The White Bear is in the Guide, but I couldn’t remember it,

even though we were only here two (2) years ago.

Oddly, the history panel doesn’t mention our visit. Perhaps if Mrs RM had taken her beer back it would have.

But as my foot stepped inside the door I recalled a classy place, the sort of pub you get in Wokingham. At the bar, Wadworth’s Henry’s IPA and some micros. My only chance for some beer from the brewery across the market square, even if it’s not 6X.

The bar was heaving with a mix of locals, a middle-class drinking house. My best seat was on the perch in the corner. Great views but not very comfortable.

So I left the bustle of the bar and headed for the lounge. “Motorcycle Emptiness” gave way for “Streets of Philadelphia“, as Devizes upgraded from 1983 to 1992. Mark Crilley will be the judge of whether that’s an upgrade.

Proper seating here, and a nice cool IPA (NBSS 3+, or 3.25 if you like). Wish it had been 6X, but there you go.

But the banter came from an unexpected source, as the curry choices were chalked up on the wall.

Adam, how do you spell Madras ?

I dunno, try M.A.D.R.A.R.S

Looks wrong

Add an r. No, take an r off” etc etc

Obviously the correct answer is C.H.E.N.N.A.I., but I sensed that wasn’t helpful.

Nor was the advice from “couple sharing a bottle of wine in a bucket“.

The line isn’t quite straight ! Oooh, the “M” is too big“.

Pure theatre, and successful comedic acts have been built on flimsier premises (e.g. Pub Ticker with a cauliflower).

10 thoughts on ““How do you spell Madrars ?”

  1. If it had been me, I probably wouldn’t have held back on Chennai. But you’ve got more retraint, limiting yourself to telling only the whole internet.

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  2. It’s Madras. And it’s Burma. And it’s still Constantinople for me, mate.

    I mean, we don’t call Finland “Suomi”, Germany Deutschland, Cologne “Köln, or Florence “Firenze” do we?

    So why muck about with our language on other occasions?

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