22nd February 2020

Devizes seemed relatively unscathed by the floods cruelly limiting my western ticks, somehow appropriate for a town that’s a virtual arc of pub names.

We have a British Lion, a White Bear, a Lamb, another Bear, a Pelican, a Black Swan, a Dolphin, a Black Horse, Fox & Hounds, two Dragons, and a Conservative.

By the end of the evening Mrs RM was urging me to pick a final pub on the basis of the “cutest” animal, so you can guess where this ends.

It starts in a car park in Devizes where the railway station used to be.

Note neighbouring honeypots of Trowbridge and Swindon

A damp Saturday night, possibly standard for Devizes, with hardly a soul in the marvellous market square.

Actually I told them all to get out of my shot
Stately Bear, scored an NBSS 3.5 for 6X once

There’s a certain similarity about the central pubs, and I’m certain I’ve been to the White Bear before but actually that was the Black Swan, of which more later.

I half expect to find a horde of American tourists in here, fresh from their tour of Wadworths Lacock Abbey.


Lil’ ol’ English pubs, as the Southworths say

A pleasant, friendly three-roomer with a mixed upmarket crowd, if you can have such a thing.  Bit like the Queen’s Head in Wokingham without the risk of John Redwood dropping in for a pint.


“The leading craft beer pub in Devizes”

says their excellent website. You can read that a couple of ways.

Pumps obscured by goldfish bowl
That’s better

I really wanted a 6X, didn’t I ?

But I made do with the Good Old Boy and a Brentwood Falcon Punch for Mrs RM.  Is it #CasualSexism that I end up choosing her pint for her, given only the instruction “Something like BrewDog, please“.

“There you go, mylovely”

Still, she found the best table in the bar, by the window, underneath the breweriana.

Paul will remember that one

And some nuts” . Just in time for the special mix (two servings).

Nights that start with bowls of nuts often end badly, and that’s a fact.

At least she hadn’t eaten the cactus.  That might come later.

Possibly there to ward off flies

A lovely buzz of unpretentious beer drinking, a couple of oval ballers watching Wales v France on a mobile phone at the bar, and “He drops for World Cup glory !” shouted at one point, which proves it’s always 2003 in Wiltshire.

The beer was great, particularly the hazy IPA from Essex.

That’s lovely, tastes like” (pause) “BrewDog

You’re my meme” I told Mrs RM, whatever that means.

Scummy head on the Old Boy

A great start.


      1. You reckon? I spent a week there on a job, about ten years back, and whilst it looked like it ought to be, erm, genteel, the truth didn’t take that long to present itself.

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  1. “Paul will remember that one” reminds me that I think I’ve got one of them.
    I know neither why I bought loads of different Silver Jubilee beers nor why I’ve still got them.

    Liked by 2 people

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