22nd February 2020

You left us escaping a family gathering in Hook, headed for the A303 and quite a night in Devizes. Just time before dark for a first incursion in GBG20 into Wiltshire, always a hit and miss county now they’ve banned Wadworths 6X from the Guide.

This is the view from tiny Great Wishford, probably listed under Stonehenge on Trip Advisor.

Typical Wilts

When we’re pubbing in unison, our strategy varies depending who’s driving. If it’s Mrs RM I’ll nip in for a quick half to steady my nerves. But today it’s me, so in we go, and 10 minutes becomes half an hour as we become the Royal Oak’s first visitors of the afternoon.

Mixed bag

What am I missing out on as the DES ? Ramsbury, superior homebrew, but Mrs RM says “Mmmm”.

“What have you got non alcoholic” I ask, resignedly.

This ginger beer’s nice

And it is. The price isn’t.

“How much?!”

Yes. Palmers produce artisan ginger beer. And rather good too, almost DIPA like in its murkness.

Barring a half pint premium, thats £4.60 a pint for the Ramsbury, which comes as a shock when you’ve been paying under £3 on Merseyside a week ago. Never mind, it’s what CAMRA want, apparently.

The horde of lycra-clad cyclists who followed us in seemed unperturbed, but they were all om Amstel, which is clearly a power drink these days.

And no, I’ve no idea why you can’t comment, so just shout loudly about paying for craft.

16 thoughts on ““HOW MUCH?!”

  1. I think the inability to comment on your previous post was to try and stop us asking if you are anticipating your new purchase suffering from a perpetually leaky sump?
    Obvious that as the trend for teetotalism accelerates, bars are going to have to squeeze every penny out of you in any manner possible.


      1. There’s nowt wrong with Palmers, I’ll have you know.

        Palmers, Donnington, Arkells you’re turning into a right beer snob Mr Taylor!

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  2. “The ginger beer was actually better than some of their (Palmers), actual beers?”

    I really want to try some Donningtons again, as three and a half decades ago I spent a most enjoyable week camping, and cycling in the Cotswolds. I must have visited around half of the Donnington tied estate, and really enjoyed the pubs, and the beers.

    Donningtons are never seen in the free trade, nor at beer festivals, so I will make a suggestion that the Beer & Pubs Forum visits Moreton-in-Marsh, for one of its proper days out. The town is reachable by train, from London Paddington and Birmingham New Street, and has a good selection of pubs – including two Donnington houses.

    We can then put their beer to the ultimate test!


    1. Fair enough Paul! Though that was meant more as a compliment on their ginger beer. Actually Palmers do suffer from a real ale drinking culture, with their own pubs seeming to run on lager and flavoured cider these days.


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