MY WILTSHIRE WOES (and not being “funky, fashionable and glamorous” isn’t one of them)

Mrs RM is determined to help me round my remaining 334 GBG ticks so that I can accompany her to places that don’t have “dingy Old Men’s pubs“. She means you, Bridgwater.

We turned our attentions to Wiltshire, and Mrs RM hovered patiently in the Co-op while I popped in the Hop Kettle, a place I really should have done when I spent an expensive night in Swindon Old Town a mere 6 months ago.

Well, obviously it was closed Tuesday, wasn’t it ? Never trust What Pub (except in the South Lakes).

But I did at least manage to read the entry policy for TREE nightclub, a future GBG entry in waiting.

Funky, fashionable and glamorous“. Baa Baa Toure may make it in, but not me. Anyway, doesn’t everyone in Swindon wear combat gear ?

Mrs RM pretended to be disappointed as I trudged back to the campervan, then drove on to Marlborough 20 minutes south,

For the 3rd successive visit, The Marl, as no-one calls it, was cold and wet, so I was dispatched to do the Wellington Arms alone.

“Sunny Courtyard” ?

Oooh, Ramsbury, local beers then.

Though I don’t think the Ramsbury Gold will be flying out with competition like this;

Now I can’t say Ramsbury would be my go-to brewery, it probably sits alongside Andwell on an imaginary league table, but I felt I had to go Locale even though I knew it was a mistake.

The taste of diacetyl hit me, and I wrote down a 2.5 I quickly revised to 2, even a I thought “What a lovely pub“, a basic boozer in a smart town.

Blokes, beams and boring cup ties.

One chap listed his 3 cars; Range Rover, Land Rover and MX5 and I realised I wasn’t in Sheffield anymore.

7 thoughts on “MY WILTSHIRE WOES (and not being “funky, fashionable and glamorous” isn’t one of them)

  1. “the entry policy for TREE nightclub” reminds me of the secondary school I attended where in the earlier years it was uniform grey knickers for the girls, a similar grey as the paint used for all too many pubs in recent years.

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